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It is an honor to have Kate ask me to write an article for The Mauimama. This election, both nationally and locally, has been amazingly intense; from the issues being discussed, the candidates we have to choose from, the challenges which our community faces, and the changes which are occurring each and every day.

The 13th Hawai’i Legislative District, is the only canoe district. That is, it covers more than one island. In our case, five, of which three are inhabited. Moloka’i and Lana’i are unique and have distinct issues they are dealing with; while the North shore and East Maui have their own. The District stretches from Baldwin Beach in Pa’ia, through the coastal communities of Kuau, Ha’iku, Peahi, Huelo, Keanae, Nahiku, Hana and out to Kipahulu and Kaupo.

The North shore and East Maui are impacted by growing traffic. However the long awaited Pa’ia Bypass/Relief Route is now on hold, after years of planning and demands from the community. This is unacceptable to many of us.

Zoning, the allocation of water, our State-run Department of Education, the housing crises and the destruction of our reefs. These and many other issues need our immediate attention. Bills banning disposable polystyrene or increasing the penalties for animal cruelty are two agendas that I could put forward in the State House. Most importantly, I believe we must put an end to the proliferation of open air testing of restricted use pesticides and be more vigilant towards those overusing and misusing herbicides and other chemicals. The negative health impacts are still barely known yet we are seeing birth defects ten times higher than national levels in parts of the Hawaiian islands.

In this election for the 13th Hawai’i Legislative District representative we must choose between a GMO farmer, associated with Monsanto, a company with one of the worse environmental records throughout the world, and myself, the former co-chair of the Green Party of Hawai’i and a visionary with a cosmopolitan perspective. To have an Environmentally sustainable Maui, I believe our choice is clear. It is black and white, or as I prefer to say, black and green. We can make history on November 8th by electing a Green to our State Legislature. You will already know where I stand on most issues by my party affiliation. Our four pillars of “grassroots democracy”, “non-violence”, “social justice” and “ecological wisdom” says it all.

I believe we need an educated legislator with the critical thinking to take on these challenges and the ability to propose beneficial solutions. I have a Master’s Degree in Public Law and have traveled the world, visiting all 50 States of the United States and over fifty countries on five continents. With your support, and your votes, I will be honored to serve you with a progressive and independent approach, putting the environment, our health and our childrens’ health at the top of the discussion.

I need all of you; those who will vote for me next month and those who will not, to step up to the plate and share what are your needs, concerns, wants and desires for not only yourself, but your children and their children.

For those who have not, as of yet, met me or had not previously heard of me, I have lived on Maui thirty years and in District 13 for over a quarter of a century. I have been environmentally active in the community that entire time.

Please feel free to visit my website at:, Facebook, email:, or call me at 808-572-USUS(8787) to learn more about my experience and platform issues. Mahalo!

Image Credit: Nikhilananda

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Nikhilananda is a long-time Maui resident and community activist who is seeking the 13th State House of Representative seat [Northshore/East Maui, Moloka’i, Lana’i], on a platform to keep Maui Maui - to protect what we have and preserve for the future. He is a former Maui County/State Co-Chair of the Green Party of Hawai’i, former Producer/Host of Maui Talks-TV and a resident of Huelo. He possess an MA in Public Law/Urban Affairs. To find out more go to, FB or 572-USUS(8787).


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