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I‘m so excited to introduce The Office, the newest wellness studio in Kahului. Located at 250 Alamaha, we open classes on June 6th! This is a collaboration project between Get Glad Maui and Kelea Foundation, our mission is to help people find what we call the “Glad Life”. Our goal for this space is to create accessible and welcoming fitness and wellness programs for the whole community. Classes are $10 per person or less and are geared towards getting people involved in Active, Healthy FUN lifestyles. We value high quality and focused fitness and wellness classes and programs. We are dedicated to the community and look forward to many awesome collaborations, including after school programs for middle and high school aged girls in sports this fall.

The current schedule at The Office includes kids and family yoga and fitness, Art Camp, Womens’ classes with Barre, Zumba and Rehab classes on the way.

One of my favorite parts about opening The Office is launching our new Take One:Give One program! Each class you take is only $10 with an option to add on $5 and give a class to someone in the community for free! This program runs through all of Get Glad Maui’s services, including at our Wailea Location!

We are eager to start our scholarship program in July for struggling families and are Super Stoked on our fundraising classes with Kelea Foundation and Maui Humane Society (with more classes on the way!)

Each Monday will be Kelea Fit, an all womens’ fitness class with 100% of proceeds from the class going to support Kelea Foundation in their mission to get More Women on the Water.

Check us out at or on instagram @theofficemaui

May All Beings Be Stoked!

Jenn Gladwin

Yoga (3-5): This class helps some of our smallest groms find self focus, calmness, determination, body awareness and fun! 35-45 mins, $10

Yoga (6-10): This class requires a bit more focusing and balancing. Its great for kids in sports and for those who could use a little more quiet time practice. 45-60 min, $10

Family Fit: This class is a fun workout to help create and reinforce family bonds and have fun. Grown Ups and Kids alike with get a great workout and have a blast doing it. 60 mins $25/ family

Kelea Fit: This is a ladies only workout with all proceeds going to benefit Kelea Foundation, our partner organization dedicated to Nurturing, Inspiring and Empowering women through Water Sports. It is a circuit style workout with focus on Core and Stability building. 60 mins, $10

Altar Art Camp: This is our exclusive art collaboration with Altar Ceramics artist, Miri! Camp will start June 6th and run MWF through the summer. Our goal is to get kids excited about creating, inspired to create art out of objects that would normally sit unused or go to waste, incorporating projects that encourage conscious thinking about the world/ourselves, and make art that helps calm the body/ is intrinsically meditative. For More Info Click Here.

Image Credit: The Office Maui


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