new moon in scorpio

This New Moon it is all about being honest with yourself and a deepening inner connection to deep layers of your soul!

With a new moon starts a whole new cycle of maturation. The new beginning associated with a new moon is happening in the darkness and in the deeper layer of our inner world and personality, which fits well with the scorpio archetype.

With this new moon you may be influenced to think deep, dark and intense with a strong emotional need for truth and honesty.

“Scorpio is the sign of deep healing and transformation, the Phoenix Rising out of Ashes. The evolutionary goal is to learn about letting go and deep, honest self-observation. This goes very well together with the Mercury symbolizing our mental perceptions and faculties. This Scorpio Mercury helps to bridge your connection to your unconsciousness and the non-physical dimensions.

As a result this New Moon can expose your deepest fears and areas of unconscious needs and desires. It is a time for honest self-reflection and truth. You will feel things deeply and more intensely than usual; and by releasing old beliefs and presumptions about life, a new cycle of conscious evolving into higher self-expression is possible.

Of course all this will be playing out very strongly if you have any planets in Scorpio in your birth chart.” Shakti Carola Navran – Lunar Astrology Mauimama Nov-Dec issue 2015.

This is a great time to do some deeper healing work and should be a good time to do a deep cleanse/detox. With the moon and sun in Scorpio it is an invitation to rethink what it really takes to let go of the old. To go deep…

If you have any planets in Scorpio or you want to get prepared for the New Moon in Scorpio and learn more click on this video made by Mauimama contributor Shakti Carolo Navran.



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