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Being a mother is bliss, but motherhood can be challenging too. Sleep deprivation, finding ways to meet your child’s needs, and figuring out how to keep life flowing, take a toll on Mom’s well being. So if you notice yourself getting a little short, or storming out during dinner, do everyone a favor and take time off for yourself. Having time off can be the difference between being a stressed out mama, and being a happy loving mama.

First, realize the importance of getting personal time and make it a priority. Being a mom, it is so easy to take on one more thing until we are overloaded. Having a break from being Mom is a “need” and not a “want”. We are so much better at being Mom when we are relaxed and can be ourselves; getting breaks makes this possible. Realize that you are a better person when you have time to yourself; it benefits you, your children, and your whole family.

After realizing this was a necessity to being the kind of mom I wanted to be, I made it more of a priority in my schedule. (I convinced my partner to make it a priority by giving him the baby for a day, so he could see what our day was like).

Then, schedule the time and commit. By reviewing our family schedule, we figured out how to carve a daily 1 hour block of time for each of us. My partner enjoyed his morning coffee time, so I wrangle the little one. I get an early evening reprieve when I can go run, meet up with a girlfriend, nap, or just stare out the window of my favorite coffee house. These daily breaks make a huge difference for us and our household is happier.

Other options for Mom include daycare, a friend, co-worker, church member, playgroup, or parents you meet who have a child of the same age. Allow friends and family who offer to baby-sit to help. Arrange trading baby-sitting or play-dates with another mom, so you can each take a break. Join or start a playgroup with several children where you can go run a quick errand or have a cup of coffee close-by while other moms help watch your little one play.

Time to myself is paramount to peacefully handling our baby’s challenging moments. I count on my breaks. This commitment gives me peace of mind when everything is breaking loose. Being yourself, and not just “Mom”, helps you feel like you are the same person you were before you had kids…only better.

Image Credit: Fenamber Photography

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