Goddess Rising

Got this message from an amazing Maui woman who empowers women to find their Goddess within…

2016 Here We Come!!
With passion for the Wild Sacred Feminine RISING within the Global Moon Sisters of the world, I feel excited to share that Goddess Rising is expanding to include an Online Temple (beyond our regular New Moon Temple).

With a full heart, I welcome you to join us for our new Global Online Moon Sisters Temple. This is offered as a Home Space/Moon Lodge/Red Tent in devotion to the Women of The World who are RISING in Sisterhood to remember and reclaim their Lunar Gifts and Goddess Wisdom during this grand transformational shift on Earth…

Global Online Moon Sisters Temple 2016: Registration is OPEN NOW and will CLOSE on January 7th to begin our 1st Quarter on Jan 9th.

1st Quarter: Jan 9 – March 31
Kali: Embracing The Dark Feminine

Step Into The Mystery. Take your place in the Temple. From where ever you are in the world, welcome home, beloved sister of the moon!

The Goddess Rising Online Moon Sisters Temple invites you into activating and empowering your wild sacred feminine in Global Sisterhood in rhythm with the cycles of the moon and the changing seasons. As La Luna mirrors our own waxing and waning, we gather to rise into our full potential, deepen into our hearts and wombs, nourish our personal lives, receive guidance from nature’s living wisdom, embody the power of the Goddess and cultivate meaningful relations with each other as sisters of the moon.

This informative, experiential and interactive journey is your Living Guide to honour and embody the current medicine and magic of the moon and the wisdom of the Goddess, designed to weave into your life with ease and grace, as a grounding, yet fluid rhythm, of consistent support and inspiration in your life.

This is your space to feel held when taking steps to activate your visions and dreams or when feeling the deep challenges that can come as you navigate through life. This is your sanctuary to unleash your wild feminine, release self-limiting beliefs, and awaken more fully as the living well of sacred truth that you are. And are becoming.


Access to our Virtual Moon Sisters Global Community
1 New Moon Sisters Welcoming Circle
3 Goddess Rising Sisterhood New Moon Temples
3 Full Moon Goddess Sadhana Video Retreat Temples
3 Exclusive Moon Sister Luminary Guest Teacher Presentations
6 Moon Sister Astrological Download Deliveries
40 Day Women’s Moon Meditation
Exclusive Moon Sisters Digital Calendar
Live Sisterhood Council Mentoring Q & A Sessions
Private Moon Sister Online Forum
Discounted Personalized Astrological or Tarot Readings
Moon Sister Support from Staff & Sisterhood
Authentic Global Sisterhood Connection
Exclusive Discounts and Early Access to Live Retreats and More…

KALI: Embracing The Divine Dark Feminine
Jan 9 – March 30

JANUARY: Wolf Moon
Unleashing Into The Wild
Welcoming Circle
New Moon Jan 9
Waxing Moon Luminary Guest Presenter: Sofiah Thom
Full Moon Jan 23
Waning Moon Sister Q & A Council

IMBOLC Rising In Self-Love
New Moon Feb 7
Waxing Moon Luminary Guest Presenter: Aradia Sunseri
Full Moon Feb 23
Waning Moon Sister Q & A Council

MARCH: Seed Moon
EQUINOX Reclaiming The Balance of Light & Dark
New Moon March 8
Waxing Moon Luminary Guest Presenter: Heather Salmon
Full Moon March 23
Waning Moon Sister Q & A Council

1st Quarter: Jan 9 – March 31
2nd Quarter: April 7 – June 30
3rd Quarter: July 5 – Sept 30
4th Quarter: Oct 1 – Dec 30


Achintya Devi:
Temple Facilitator & Gatekeeper
Women’s Wisdom Guide & Moon Priestess
“I am deeply honoured to be your moon sister guide, hostess, facilitator, resident priestess and gate keeper in our Goddess Rising Moon Sisters Temple. I am devoted to holding the most sacred space that I possibly can, to serve you with my full heart and inspiration, and to mirror to you your own magnificence. I am fiercely and passionately dedicated to your safety, to you embracing your truths, unleashing your wild sacred feminine, and to you Rising as the Goddess that you are with an infinite well of wisdom inside. I look forward to connecting with you, having fun, and stepping into the mystery together.”

Eliza Ceci:
Sister Support/Tech Goddess/Assistant Gatekeeper
“Anything you need help with? I’m so honored to be your Sister in support! Please know I look forward to getting to know you & helping you with anything you need. Being your support doula in our group space is my great pleasure.”

AnandaShree Kari Field:
In Temple Astrologer & Tarot Reader
“It is with great pleasure that I can serve you with the gifts of the Nagshatra/Moon Medicine/Astro Downloads of the current cosmic forecast which reflect our inner weather patterns. I look forward to diving deeper with you should you choose to have a one-on-one Vedic Astrology or Tarot Reading.”

Luminary Guest Presenters:
Sofiah Thom for Jan: Embodying The YES of Your Wild
Aradia Sunseri for Feb: Belly Dance To Nourish The Womb
Heather Salmon for March: Mystical Alchemy of Equinox


Full Details from www.goddessrising.org/moon-sisters

Registration ENDS on Jan 7, 2016 and we begin the first quarter on Jan 9, 2016. Once we begin the quarter, we seal off the temple. The registration doors will then reopen for a 2-3 week period between each quarter. Once you register, you enter the temple, and are a Moon Sister, for as long as you like. There is no need for you to re-register again at anytime. Should you feel complete and desire to leave at any point, you simply need to actively cancel your membership.


“Achintya’s intimate insight into the moon’s cycle reflects a deep relationship at the very core of womanhood. A topic often misunderstood, she is incredibly talented in sharing her knowledge and demystifying this magical gift of femininity. Achintya is particularly talented at creating sacred, safe space where all feel welcome and accepted while offering the opportunity to get to know and embrace our own inner Moon Goddess. ”
~ Jenn Meagher, Creatively Cultivating Personal Passions, Canada

“Achintya’s Goddess Rising Event activated a deep, primordial knowing inside of me. She both eloquently & gracefully laid out a clear & easy road map for me to monthly track my own unique lunar cycle. This has offered me insight & revealed monthly cyclical trends of my physical & emotional rhythms. Achintya mystically wove our group into an inspired, unified sisterhood while conducting a sacred, safe space for participants to explore our innate feminine design. Achintya is pioneering the merge of the ancient goddess ways with a new sacred feminine paradigm consciousness in a very practical, approachable way. I highly recommend tuning into yourself into what Achintya’s offers.”
~ Atma Campbell, Raw Food Artist Chef, USA

“Being a part of this experience brought me to deeper self-acceptance and self-care. I was nourished in body, mind and soul. I didn’t realize how much I craved this support until I received it. I now feel more inspired and connected and have more enthusiasm for life. I am empowered to listen to myself, to trust my inner voice and take responsibility for my happiness. I am grateful for my time in a circle of amazing women, for Achintya’s exquisite leadership, and for all of the possibilities that are opening in me and for all .
~ Jessica Apoorva Larsen, Massage Therapist, USA

Sister, let’s take a sojourn into the remembrance of your wild womanly wisdom, as we cycle with the moon as a tribe to reawaken your innate feminine gifts and activate them in your life.

With Lunar Love As We Rise Together,
Achintya Devi


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