Lunar Astrology by Shakti Carola Navran

After so many years of proudly supporting The Mauimama and Kate Griffiths in her outstanding contribution to our community I am writing my last forecast. I have been here since the first issue, but with many health challenges for my husband, I have to streamline how I spend my time. I am going to focus on my counseling astrological work and will be still available for personal readings.

Looking at the bigger picture with Uranus now in Taurus, we are looking at big changes and impacts around our survival on earth. With a screaming environment, rising carbon dioxide levels destroying our atmosphere, shifts in weather patterns and global warming, earth quakes, heat waves, excess rain, flooding and hurricanes are results of those shifts all over the world.

With Uranus we always expect potential violence, revolution, unrest and sudden interruption of the “normal flow” and hopefully at the end of the process a breakthrough to a new level. I do believe that we as humans are very resourceful to step it up when our survival is challenged and it seemed like we are there.

For a micro perspective we still want to be in alignment and aware of the movement of the Moon throughout the month with the New Moon, the beginning of and the Full Moon highlighting the pinnacle and full exposure to a certain theme.

Virgo New Moon September 9, 2018 — 11:01 a.m. PDT: The Wisdom of the Servant and Healer

As you know, every New Moon starts us on a new journey of emotional maturation depending upon the sign. With a New Moon in Virgo you can become more aware that there is a true need in you to share from your heart.

This Virgo New Moon opposed by Neptune adds the possibility to learn how to truly care for each other and find ways to go about that. Neptune is the Mystic and unconditional Lover and gives you the gift of love, compassion, and empathy for others and a deepened inner spiritual dimension. Moments of higher consciousness are available to you.

Virgo is a sign of service, mentoring, health and well-being. Virgos are quietly reliable, attending to the smallest details of any project in an organized way. Virgos are earthy, practical people, who are good with their hands and combining those qualities with their attention to detail. With the Moon in this sign you get an extra dose of those qualities to figure things out and re-organize your life which means: “Get your trip together!”

Remember when you experience your individuality in the framework of service to your family, friends and community you feel deeply satisfied, useful, happy and fulfilled!

Western Astrology is paying a lot of attention to the seasons, the equinoxes and solstices. We will experience the Libra Equinox September 22, 2018 9:54 p.m. EDT. With a Sun Mercury conjunction in Libra being opposed by Chiron, understanding and intellect should be used in service of compassion and healing and continues the flow we started with the Virgo New Moon earlier.

Aries Full Moon September 24, 2018 — 7:52 p.m. PDT: The Activist and Warrior

When the Moon is full in a sign it reflects the light of consciousness to the fullest. It is a time to be fully engaged with life in that specific area. With the Full Moon in Aries that means emotional strength, energy and spunk will be more available to you. You can dip deeply into your passion and move forward in areas you have been waiting for progress. Now is the time to TAKE ACTION.

We all need challenges in our life to grow into our highest potential. And we definitely live in challenging times. It is really powerful to recognize the Full Moon and invoke the celestial forces on their highest level to help you start consciously into the direction of your intentions and dreams. Focus on your life’s vision and the future you want on your planet.

Ask yourself how YOU can aspire to that highest level of consciousness we call LOVE. Every miraculous achievement starts with a dream, which seems to be impossible in the beginning.

My wishes for you:
Be the force for good you want to see in the world!
Raise your consciousness, transform the world and your island one step at a time!
We have never had more need for that…

Image Credit: Shakti Carola Navran

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Shakti Carola Navran, evolutionary astrologer, counselor and published author: I have been giving astrological readings professionally for 36 years now and I love to do this work. To look at a chart through the evolutionary wisdom perspective of your soul adds a deeply meaningful and significant perception of yourself and your activities in your life. As a result it will give you the key of higher consciousness to align yourself with the current cosmic flow for spiritual growth. Evolutionary Astrology adds a karmic dimension and will give you the answer to WHY you are the person you are with your specific qualities, issues and challenges. It will connect your inner dots in a new and enlightening way and empower you with a higher perspective and helps to make better choices in your life. Have a look at some testimonials 1. A good birth chart reading can be truly life changing when it alters the fabric of consciousness through which you perceive your own being and personal self-expression. You can redefine areas of problems into challenges of healing and personal growth and gain insight about how to meet those areas best. Find out more I love to work with parents—interpreting their children’s birth chart and teaching them how they can mentor and guide them intentionally in accordance with their soul’s needs. These readings are totally potential oriented and will be tremendously helpful for you as a parent. Find out more… 2. A yearly update with a forecast reading of where you are in your evolutionary journey and which planetary forces want to be integrated sharpens that self-awareness. It can help you to be pro-active and help your dreams come true. Find out more 3. I am also offering Astrological Counseling as an hour of reflection and feedback on an as needed base for my clients who want to take it to another level. We would be looking at special decisions you have to make or areas you would like to have a deeper insight about from a higher wisdom perspective. I would just be available for feedback and guidance from your astrological and evolutionary soul perspective. Skype Astrology In the 21st century one of the delightful gadgets we get to play with is Skype. I have been giving astrological readings on Skype for people all over the globe in Canada, Switzerland, Denmark, Australia, New Zealand, Tokyo, Thailand, Korea, Taiwan, Germany, Barcelona, London, and of course the mainland U.S. It still leaves me in awe that I can see you and talk to you for free anywhere on the planet that you have internet access. It seems like magic! I also do astrological consultations by phone, but in my experience, being able to see each other helps us connect better and deepens the reading. If you don’t have Skype already you can download the program for free and set up an account. If you have any questions about how to do this, let me know. If you are ready now for your astrological horoscope reading, please email me at or call me in Hawaii 808- 878 8182. I am looking forward to connecting with you… aloha and many blessings, Shakti.


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