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Scorpio New Moon November 11 & Gemini Full Moon in Gemini November 25
Do you know where your Moon is in your natal birth chart? The Moon position describes your emotional filter towards the world and how you respond internally to outer events. If you have your chart you will be able to determine where exactly the Full Moon or New Moon is happening in your chart. Always let me know if you need help with this.

General astrological forecasts can give you the higher perspective of the overall celestial climate; and it offers insights into the wide range of manifestations of the planetary principles, both at the lower end of possibilities and the higher potentials. With that it gives you better conscious choices. To correlate those general planetary positions with your own personal experience you need to know your chart.

Individual evolution and growth of consciousness is your personal contribution to the cauldron of humanity. Your personal choices and actions are important to the whole and it is the only place of true personal power. Being impeccable, honest, true to your own inner guidance, loving and kind with your family and friends can uplift your corner of the world.

New Moon in Scorpio November 11, 2015 at 9:47 am PST
This New Moon at 19 degrees in Scorpio is happening in conjunction with Mercury, who adds his special signature to this new round of emotional learning and maturation.
Scorpio is the sign of deep healing and transformation, the Phoenix Rising out of Ashes. The evolutionary goal is to learn about letting go and deep, honest self-observation. This goes very well together with the Mercury symbolizing our mental perceptions and faculties. This Scorpio Mercury helps to bridge your connection to your unconsciousness and the non-physical dimensions.

As a result this New Moon can expose your deepest fears and areas of unconscious needs and desires. It is a time for honest self- reflection and truth. You will feel things deeply and more intensely than usual; and by releasing old beliefs and presumptions about life, a new cycle of conscious evolving into higher self-expression is possible.

Of course all this will be playing out very strongly if you have any planets in Scorpio in your birth chart.

Full Moon in Gemini November 25, 2015 at 2:44 pm PST
The Full Moon at 3 degrees in Gemini shines a bright light onto your individual mental filters of perception. Gathering facts and ideas is the job description of Gemini. They are usually very good at that. The chance this month is to gather the facts, align the head with the heart and once again emerge like the mythical Phoenix out of the Ashes. With the Sun in Sagittarius we need to come to terms with how much our personal beliefs and concepts are actually creating the individual world each one of us is living in.

The next day on November 26, Saturn is making the first of 3 exact squares to Neptune, which is the beginning of a profound grounding of your spiritual, non-physical perception with your personal integrity and meaning.

You will be more able to manifest from your true self instead of your ego, which enables you to live from integrity and higher vision.

What an exciting month to come! If you would like to get more in depth information about the personality of Scorpio and Gemini, you can go to my YOUTUBE channel SHAKTI CAROLA NAVRAN and watch my forecast videos. I will love to see your comments.

Get ready for a month of healing and letting go of what is no longer needed; a necessary process preparing you for new beginnings…

Image Credit: Shakti Carola Navran

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