Lunar Astrology by Shakti Carola Navran

May is such a beautiful month! With the Sun in the sign of Taurus we are ready to be more sensual and deeply grounded in our physical experience in this life. Spring is manifesting with blossoming trees, flowers and abundance of colors and smells. We want to be out in nature, enjoying the Sun after a long dark winter and celebrate life.

With the Sun in Taurus opposing the Moon we will have a Full Moon in Scorpio. As a Full Moon always brings light and awareness into the specifics of its sign, you will feel your inner world of emotions more intensely than usual. This Full Moon is highlighting the integrational work we need to do between the qualities of Taurus (earthy and grounded) and those of Scorpio (deep and intense).

We also still have Venus and Uranus in Aries pushing us forward into new projects but at the same time Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto are retrograding and slowing things down. We need to review and revisit themes around creating a meaningful life, aligning our actions with our soul intentions.

Full Moon in Scorpio May 10, 2:42 PST at 20 degrees: The Wisdom of Psychology

Scorpio is a water sign and ruled by Pluto, the archetype of the God of the Underworld and Death. Scorpio is a sign representing experiences of our deepest and darkest natures as a human being. There will be an intensity in the air and the need to face a deeper truth about yourself or others. You want to become more aware of the deepest, unconscious corners of your soul; the inner world of hidden emotions and unconscious structures.

The Sun in Taurus is giving the full blast of light and consciousness to the Moon in Scorpio.

Scorpio means intensity! Get ready for a ride! Scorpio is highly emotional in its potential for extremes and might expose you to your deepest desires and deeply seated fears. You might be more self-critical and critical of others, maybe more easily upset than usual. It is a time for soul searching and looking inward instead of acting out and projecting your fears onto someone outside of you.

Scorpio is the sign of deep healing and transformation, the Phoenix Rising out of Ashes. The evolutionary goal is to learn about letting go and deep, honest self-observation.

We also learn about the gifts of earthly grounded Taurus, the potential goodness and conservative values of life and how they complement the honesty, depth and intensity of feelings in Scorpio. Taurus wants to keep it simple and practical; Scorpio wants to dive into the complexity of human nature.

New Moon in Gemini May 25, 12:44 pm at 5 degrees: The Wisdom of Learning

A New Moon always starts us on a new journey for the coming months and sets the emotional tone depending on the sign it is in. This New Moon is in Gemini, the natural communicator, story teller, student and teacher of the zodiac. The evolutionary goal of Gemini is to tap into the Beginners Mind and experience the world through always fresh eyes.

Gemini is an air sign and ruled by the messenger of the Gods, Mercury. Gemini is a pretty mental and intellectual sign where we try to understand the world through the limited perspective of our mind. The Moon is not super comfortable in Gemini but brings in the chance to integrate between the head and belly, the intellect and the world of feelings.

Gemini loves to learn and experience the different perspectives and ways to look at life. Interaction and polishing your communication skills with other people should be interesting and entertaining. Involve yourself in your community, get out, and try new things. Parties and social events are on the agenda.

This month you might be more able to manifest from your true self instead of your ego, which enables you to live from integrity and a higher vision.

All in all: new beginnings, conscious living and a fresh view towards life will get you in the FLOW this month. Enjoy

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Image Credit: Shakti Carola Navran

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