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On March 20, we will be having the Spring Equinox, marked by the Sun moving into Aries and with that a new astrological cycle is beginning. Western astrology is based on the seasons and therefor this is a very important moment of fresh beginnings. Some people feel like spring cleaning, invigorated to make new plans, setting new intentions for the coming year. Others do a spring cleanse for their body with diet changes, colon therapy or oxygen therapies. On Maui The Temple of Peace offers a lot of support and guidance for that.

With the Full Moon in Virgo and the New Moon in Aries we will come to a conclusion with all the Piscean energies of last month and be ready to take the next step with right action (Virgo) and a new beginning later on in the month with Sun and Moon in Aries.

Virgo Full Moon March 12, at 7:53 am in 22 degrees: The Wisdom of the Mystic infusing the Servant and Healer

When the Moon is full in a sign it reflects the light of consciousness to the fullest. It is a time to be fully engaged with life in that specific area. With the Full Moon in Virgo, ruled by Mercury, you are invited to contemplate your right livelihood and the specific gifts only you can give to the world. You are sensitized to the highest vision, the connection between your head and your heart, your sense of wellbeing and how you can serve the greater good.

Virgo is a sign of service, mentoring, health and well-being. Virgos are quietly reliable, attending to the smallest details of any project in an organized way. Virgos are earthy, practical people, who are good with their hands and combining those qualities with their attention to detail. With the Moon in this sign you get an extra dose of those qualities to figure things out and re-organize your life.

As you know, Judgment and resentment closes your heart and can toxify your system and truly make you sick. Virgo can be very self- critical but it is also the sign for healing and proper self-care.

My suggestion for this month is to find out how you can serve the greater good by aligning your head and your heart, and your sense of self worth.

Spring Equinox Starts a New Astrological Year March 20 & New Moon in Aries

Sun steps into Aries March 20 to start us into the next year’s cycle. The next New Moon will be in Aries March 27, at 7 degrees Aries at 7:57 pm PST. There will be emotional strength and spunk available to you. You can dip deeply into your passion and move forward in areas you have been waiting for progress. Now is the time for new projects and commitments. We will also see an increase of activism and resistance against the government and other perceived dark forces.

We all need challenges in our life to grow into our highest potential. Both dates are truly poignant moments in time to start consciously into the direction of your intentions and dreams. It is really powerful to do a little ritual and invoke the celestial forces on their highest level for support on your journey.

In short: Do something you can do, help somebody you can help, stand up, be the force for good you want to see in the world!

Be the change!

Raise your consciousness, transform the world and your island one step at a time!

We have never had more need for that…

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