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July is an intense month gearing us up for the coming Total Solar Eclipse in August over the heartland of America. The big themes coming up are: political upheavals around the president coming to a head with the Solar Eclipse happening on his Mars in Leo at the ASC; also the chart of the US is impacted. We are seeing collective karma playing out and we will need to find our own personal point of power and focus, especially in this new political climate, and for this reason this forecast is more political than usual.

With Capricorn Full Moon and Leo New Moon we will experience very potent activations through Mars and Pluto. The question is how you as an individual can weather the collective karma sweeping through the country? How can you find your place and be prepared, grow and make the best out of challenging times? Of course for a satisfying answer you would need a personal astrological session to see how this exactly affects you through your personal karma and blueprint; but I will give you a few general pointers today.

Full Moon in Capricorn July 8-9, 9:06 pm PST at 17 degrees: Confronting the Reality of What Is

This month we all will feel what is happening in the political landscape very strongly and many of us will feel very upset and reactive as a result, no matter which political camp we are subscribing to.

This Full Moon is happening in a one degree conjunction with Pluto, the Lord of Death and Rebirth, ruler of the hell realms opposing the Sun in Cancer in conjunction with Mars, the Lord of War, violence and destruction. Both points form a T-square with Jupiter, who rules expansion but also likes to add oil into the fires and tends to go overboard with big monumental gestures. The Sun in Cancer is a very emotional one to begin with and feels easily threatened and wounded.

The shadow we need to look at and transform is described by the principles of the controlling tyrant and forces in power. The dark face of Pluto in Capricorn is showing its face in brutal ways, trying to control the masses, the revolutionary momentum and evolutionary change we are witnessing everywhere in the world.

This is why I believe we will be looking at more civilian riots and unrest all over the country. Activism and Resistance everywhere will get more support and energy. More hidden truth about the U.S. President and Russian involvements will be revealed and he will have his hands full with trouble coming his way. Accustomed to using bully tactics and with Mars on his Leo Rising, his solution to distract might translate into starting a war somewhere.

New Moon in Leo July 23, 2:45 am PST at 1 degrees: Challenges around Leadership and Personal Energy

This New Moon is in a tight conjunction with Mars. A Sun Mars conjunction is always problematic because the Sun burns Mars with his superior power. As a result we might feel fatigued physically as well as emotionally. The low end of Mars in Leo is that of the egomaniac, the bully or the tyrant.

As individuals, as The People, now is an important time that we need to stand up and take back the power of a true democracy. We need take a stand and be politically engaged. We need to speak out loud and clearly. (That is what I am doing here today …)

With a New Moon in Leo there will be a personal empowerment available to you. Leo is the sign of creativity and action, the willingness of stepping onto the stage of life, believing in and applying oneself wholeheartedly. Leo describes the high potential of a good leader such as the archetype of King Arthur.

I am a big believer in the personal power point of true transformation. The change and contribution we can make to the bigger picture and morphogenetic field of consciousness is by taking responsibility for things we can change in our circle of life. I suggest to start a daily meditation practice on love, peace and compassion as an antidote to the fear, anger and violence surfacing.

This is a very powerful tool we all have available to us…

Image Credit: Shakti Carola Navran

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