Lunar Astrology by Shakti Carola Navran

We start the New Year with a big bang and a lot of friction. You need to be alert and on your toes. But as always, there are high-end conscious ways to navigate those high celestial waves…

The Full Moon in Cancer at 22 Degrees January 12, 2017 at 3:34 am PST

A Full Moon always brings light and awareness into the specifics of its sign. For a brief period of time we feel our inner world of emotions more directly and intensely than usual with this Full Moon. Cancer is ruled by the Moon; and this Full Moon is in its own sign and therefore at its strongest. You might experience volatile emotions overcoming sound reasoning. Issues around your family, your clan of close friends and your beloved pets will be felt strongly and highlighted in your awareness. Wherever that Full Moon is located in your chart, you might feel more emotional in your responses than usual.

This Full Moon is particularly stressful and challenging because it is in a very emotionally driven sign where things tend to happen under the surface of our conscious mind. And there is the Grand Square with lots of extra friction needing you to navigate smartly. Under this kind of pressure, things tend to bubble up from the unconsciousness and we have to deal with them.

My suggestion is to give conscious space for the nourishing intentions of the Cancer Moon. Is there somebody to whom you can give a helping hand in your church, your neighborhood, your community? That will go a long way towards you feeling abundant and happy. The needs of the many homeless and poor families in our community are rising and as individuals we can make a true difference.

The New Moon in Aquarius Jan 27 at 4:07 pm PST one Day before Chinese New Year

The New Moon starts us into a new round of emotional maturation. The sign in which the Moon cycle starts out sets the tone for the underlying energy of the coming month.

This month it is all about taking inventory of who you are and who you want to be! With the Sun and Moon in Aquarius, there is an invitation to break the mold, have the courage to do things differently and find your own individual self-expression as a unique spark shining forth. It is also the sign of the activist and rebel and there are many areas we can put that to good use.

Find Your Higher Vision with the New Moon in Aquarius

This New Moon fits so well into the first month of the year, where everybody is invited to revisit and re-evaluate their personal visions and long-term plans. Aquarius is not only interested in revolutionary change and visions, he is the one who points you in the direction of individuation from the inside out, learning to trust that inner voice of your soul instead of complying with “how it always has been done”. With the New Moon in Aquarius, the need for individuation is the key to your happiness and joy. Trusting those inner dimensions to accurately guide you will enhance your sense of well-being and harmony.

Here are the other highlights for the month of January:

• Mercury turns direct on Jan 8

• Full Moon is part of a Grand Trine with Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto Jan 12

• Mercury enters Capricorn same day

• Venus Jupiter conjunction later that day

• Sun shifts into Aquarius Jan 19

I would like to invite you to sit down with a cup of tea and a journal to brainstorm about your coming year! When you have your clear intentions, take a first action step towards your new self.

Happy New Year to you with much Aloha!

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Image Credit: Shakti Carola Navran

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