Montessori Maui education

1. What are the basic principles of your method of education?
The Montessori Method of education has the goal of helping young people construct themselves as complete human beings.  A strong academic foundation is key to the philosophy, with many students working above grade level in many subjects. Independence, collaboration, creativity, and problem solving are keystones of any Montessori classroom. All classrooms are multi-age within a three-year age span, allowing students to learn from each other.  Each classroom has a lead teacher who is trained to meet the specific needs of that particular developmental stage in a child’s life, as well as a teacher’s assistant. We offer hands-on, tangible lessons.

2. How are accommodations made for students that are either accelerated or below their grade level?
Accelerated students can delve as deeply into their academic work as they desire. Children can move through lessons and follow up work at their own pace, without an expectation to wait for the rest of the class before moving forward, and are also not rushed should they not grasp a concept immediately. Teachers are able to individually help students and some on-campus tutoring is available as well. If necessary, recommendations are made for professional learning/behavioral evaluations following objective observations and communications with teachers and families.

3. How is discipline handled?
In most circumstances, the need for discipline is viewed as an opportunity for learning that allows for personal accountability, understanding of choices and empathy toward others.  Natural consequences are the most meaningful tools for understanding that every action has a reaction: both positive and negative.  Ongoing/repetitive negative behaviors may necessitate school/family meetings to formulate a plan for moving forward in a positive manner.

4. Do you have a Financial Aid Program? 
Tuition assistance is available and is awarded on the basis of economic need. Any family with limited income who has applied for their child to attend the school is eligible to apply for tuition assistance. All applications are strictly confidential. Selections are made by the Montessori School Tuition Assistance Committee, and awards are based upon the results of the family’s financial review completed by School and Student Services by NAIS.

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