Maui babies in cloth diapers

Momma Love Baby Maternity Boutique was something I envisioned years ago. I was pregnant with my now two year old girl, and I was left frustrated with the lack of maternity clothing options here on the island. I ordered the majority of my wardrobe online. Not that online shopping is a bad thing, but I am big believer of, “TRY before you BUY.” Maui needed a maternity store that offered fashionable, trendy, versatile, and most importantly affordable clothing.

While pregnant my husband and I also made a conscious decision to use cloth diapers. If I thought finding maternity clothes on the island was difficult, the search for cloth diapers and their subsequent suppliers was even harder. So my business idea was born. I created a maternity clothing and specialized, eco-friendly baby goods boutique and found some great local suppliers of cloth diapers that I now represent.

Maui Diaper products are the creation of Maui mompreneur Anna Hakes. She has been making cloth diapers for 10 years. The Maui Diaper is an All In 2 (AI2) style diaper that is a contoured, side snapping diaper. It has an innovative adjustment style to fit babies as small as 5 pounds and as big as 35 pounds and her prints are great. Maui Diaper products assure that only all natural and organic hemp/cotton/bamboo are touching baby’s skin. There are a few other options of microfiber or hemp fleece fabric to sit next to baby’s skin, and these can be made to your specifications when ordering. I love that Anna uses local Maui sewers to make her products. She also offers great super soft bamboo velour cloth wipes, reusable nursing pads, and a specially designed wet bag that you can use on the go.

Lotus Bumz diapers are locally managed by another mompreneur Lorain Herder. She started Lotus Bumz after having her first child and coming up empty handed searching for an affordable cloth diaper that is also easy to use. She designed a simple pocket style diaper that adjusts to fit baby from approximately 9-30 pounds. She rolls out new, super cute, custom designed prints seasonally and offers great customer service. These diapers are imported, and the quality is up there with the best of them.

Lastly I have Smart Bottoms, which are an innovative concept in cloth diapering. Their popular All in One (AIO) diaper is simple and aptly named the smart one 3.0. Both style swim diapers are a great design and addition to your reusable baby products. I love that the company makes and sources nearly all their diapers in the USA. Smart Bottoms is a small business that again started from a mama who wanted a better cloth diaper option for her children. If you would like to learn more about these or other cloth diaper options and/or other green baby products please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Image Credit: Caprice Nicole Photography

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Elizabeth Tomoso is the owner of Momma Love Baby Maternity Boutique. Elizabeth is a born and raised Hawaii girl. She started Momma Love Baby Maternity Boutique after the birth of her daughter 4 years ago. She is an occupational therapist, certified educator of infant massage, child passenger safety technician, and certified Mother Roaster. Elizabeth is striving to be a community resource for allthings related to pregnancy and new parenthood, and has a wide network of business connections to assist you with your needs. She lives in Makawao with her husband and daughter. You can contact her through