Mindful Mama Method

Rooted in evidence-based methodologies, the Mindful Mama Method empowers expecting and postnatal mamas with smart, safe and effective yoga, movement, education, and exercise. These innovative techniques have been proven to prevent and heal injury-based Diastasis Recti and common pelvic floor injuries, prepare you for your biggest marathon yet – birth, and help you re-strengthen postpartum. 

The process begins with an intentional focus on diaphragmatic breathing, pelvic floor strengthening, and deep core activation revolutionizing pregnancy, birth, and postpartum awareness through mindfulness and movement. This is done by combining cutting edge-core techniques, breathing practices, functional [mama] movements, strength training, core and pilates-based moves, and groundbreaking motherhood philosophies into one life-changing exercise method. 

Revolutionizing pregnancy, birth, and postpartum awareness through mindfulness & movement – Imagine taking the most innovative mama-focused classes possible taught by a prenatal and postnatal yoga teacher, birth doula, childbirth educator and mama of two. Through years of education and training as well as hands-on and personal experience, Maggie Bijl has become an expert in the field of all things pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. A former Maui mama and now living in the Netherlands Maggie will help you, via online technology, become an expert on this method so that you can use it when you need it most. 

Tools you can use anytime, anywhere – You’ll be able to take the Mindful Mama Method techniques and tools and strategically apply them to your practice both on and off the mat to optimize your daily routine and throughout your Prenatal, Birth and Postpartum preparation. Using easy to implement tools, effective techniques, and exercises, you will leave this training with a sense of empowerment that will last well into motherhood. Maggie doesn’t just keep you active during your pregnancy, she teaches you valuable tools that prepare you for birth, postpartum recovery and help you prevent and heal Diastasis Recti, pelvic floor incontinence, prolapse, and other pregnancy-related injuries. 

Guidance to help you find peace of mind – Online Maggie mindfully will guide you through each and every class so you don’t have to worry about whether you’re doing an exercise that could create core dysfunction, increase back and pelvic pain, or inhibit your core from healing post pregnancy. The methodology, classes, workshops and one-on-one sessions incorporate what a lot of ‘other’ methods are missing. “So while I provide you the necessary tools and guide you to a strong & functional body – I won’t just teach you to kegel. Instead, I will guide you to create a balance in your pelvic floor and core that will continue to support you for life, preparing you for your birth marathon and motherhood with every pulse, hold, and full range movement I guide you through.” 

Created with your needs in mind – Each and every class is designed safely and specifically for you, mama, and will increase your mindfulness for a stronger pregnancy and a faster postpartum recovery. Commit to being strong as a mother… Strong for pregnancy, strong for birth, and strong for life. 

Strengthen your Core and Pelvic Floor in each and every class – You can learn how to become an active participant in your experience and how the Mindful Mama Method can help you prepare for this incredible transformation by contacting Maggie through her website www.themindfulmama.org

“In the rush of everyday life, the Prenatal Classes were a silent moment to cherish my own body and to connect to my pregnancy. To make space to ‘grow’ not only physically, but mentally. These classes really prepared me for pregnancy as well as Birth.” ~ Sarah

Image Credit: Maggie Bijl

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