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As a new mom, I find very little time to do anything for myself, let alone time to meditate. I have gone through times of having a very strong spiritually connected practice, and those times felt good. I knew the meditations helped me relax my mind, conquer mental and emotional blocks, connect deeply with myself, and all living things, and change my well being for the better from the inside out.

This task of mothering is proving to be the most spiritually challenging and fulfilling time in my life. I still benefit from a spiritual life but now it mainly takes the form of song, dance, and active meditations that baby enjoys (or at least is distracted by).

I want to share a meditation that is one of the foundational meditations of kundalini yoga. It is said to help one achieve mental balance (some days I need this so bad!), help break the patterns of addiction and can regulate your moon cycles.

If you can, attempt doing this meditation for 11 minutes. Do your best. Make it enjoyable. Do what you have to to get through it and keep your baby entertained. Do accents, funny voices, sing it.

Start by sitting comfortably with your spine straight. Close your eyes (if possible) and bring your attention to the point between your eyebrows.

Chant SA TA NA MA (this mantra is an extended version of a seed mantra SAT NAM which means Truth is my Identity). With this meditation you are encouraged to move your fingers as your chant! This is the finger dance or mudra:
SA press the thumb and the index finger together.
TA press the thumb and middle finger together.
NA press the thumb and ring finger together.
MA press thumb and pinky together.

Imagine each sound coming in through the top of the head or crown chakra and going out the brow point or third eye.

You may experience memories or feelings throughout your meditation, just keep going. This meditation will help you find emotional balance.

You can also play around with the volume of the meditation to keep it interesting for yourself and your keiki. Here is a suggestion that I do:
2 minutes OUTLOUD
2 minutes in an audible WHISPER
3 minutes chant SILENTLY
2 minutes WHISPER
2 minutes OUTLOUD

Try it for several days in a row and see how you feel! Meditation has tremendous health benefits and incorporating your keiki may encourage them to begin their own practice of “meditation” one day.

It is also great to do while you are pregnant too!

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Ardas Wright is a certified kundalini yoga teacher(IKYTA), Khalsa Way Prenatal and Parent and Me Certified Yoga Teacher, and Certified Yoga, Booty, Ballet instructor. Ardas trained under Gurmukh Khalsa of Golden Bridge Yoga in Los Angeles. She also has a BS in Movement Theatre from Towson University. She is Mama to a blissful (and very active!) baby boy and loves to connect with her body, baby and other mamas!