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Maui’s Online Bookstore – We all know the benefits of reading to your child from birth – increased vocabulary, higher success in school, increased ability to focus, it builds memory and most importantly it creates a bond between parent and child.

My 4 year old has a voracious appetite for books. From the time she could sit she would pull books around her and flip through them for what seemed like hours.  She has them in the car, in every room, she even sleeps with them.

I have tried to secretly donate a few here and there to make room for new ones, but she knows every single one.  Now I just buy more bookshelves.

Last Christmas I decided it was time to introduce more scientific books – I’m a science teacher and want to fuel her budding love of science ☺.  I found an Usborne book called, “Look Inside Your Body”- it covered the major body systems and had these really cool flaps that added extra detail and information.  I love it – she loved it.  It was awesome to hear my 4 year old talking about platelets and black lungs from smoking! Flash forward a few months and I wanted to get another book from the same publisher.  With very few options on Maui, I searched and searched online but couldn’t find them.

Finally I stumbled upon the publishing website- Usborne Books and More.  I could buy the book there! But, it had to be through a consultant?  There were no local consultants… so I decided to be one, so I could get more Usborne books for my daughter.  We love books, and make use of our library and thrift stores, but there is something really special about Usborne books.  They are engaging, vibrant, interactive, and fun!

The baby books are bright, hands on, super durable and have held up to my active 1 year old. I didn’t want living on an island to limit my access.

They also offer Kane Miller books, which cover a wide range of cultural, social and emotional issues found in every day life.  Usborne books are for the mind, while Kane Miller books are for the soul.  As a teacher I’ve always known the importance of fostering a love of literacy, and the fact that I can open up this online bookstore to Maui parents island wide is fantastic. Read to your children, let them pick out what they are interested in, have books available all around the home, and continue reading to your child even when they can read on their own.  Make it a family tradition that continues into their adult life.  It truly is one of the best gifts you can give your child and I am so happy I can help families on Maui get a chance to have these books for their children. As an Educational consultant I can also process Purchasing Orders for schools and hold fundraisers and book drives. Virtual book fairs can be done for entire schools or individual classrooms or school clubs that need to do fundraising…they can get books, books and cash, or just cash!

If you are interested in seeing these wonderful books, come by Droplets on third Friday’s to check out Story hour at 5pm.  The books are available for purchase at

Image Credit: Holly Stockwell

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