Maui waterfall baby

Waterfalls are a natural phenomena, synonymous with beauty and tranquility. Here on Maui we are incredibly lucky to have hundreds of Maui waterfalls. If you haven’t gone and sat by the cascading waters and rainbow mist in a while then this is a little reminder to take yourself and little ones and go explore.

Now, this isn’t going to be like the Maui Reviled, I mean revealed. I’m all about sharing but exposing so many cool local spots that have now become trampled over by thousands of tourists, is not my idea of a public service. So the ones I will mention are no secret… anymore. I will however hint that you could suggest to any of your good friends in Haiku and Heulo that you should all go hiking to a waterfall and hope they will take you to some breath taking hidden gems.

There are great waterfalls that are easily accessible and not all the way in Hana, that the little ones will love. My first son learned to swim at a natural pool just a few minutes from my house but also really enjoyed the first waterfall at Twin Falls.

You can’t miss Twin Falls. It is the spot on the Hana Highway 10 minutes past Haiku and just past mile marker 2. There is a parking lot normally full of cars and a juice bus stand. I avoided it for years, but now that I have children the first waterfall, (which is reached by following the first path to the left just after the entrance), is a sweet walk for little legs and an easy pool to get into. If you can swim across, with your keiki on your back, it is also a fun spot for the little ones to jump off the rock stairs on the other side, into the water.

I would advise making this a morning activity as the mozzies attack especially after 3pm and if you don’t want to feel like you are on display to the folks from Hike Maui avoid this place during peak tourist months. I would also check the weekly weather, if coming from the other side. If it has been raining for a few days, rocks will be slippery and it will be muddy, so you may want to wait until a dryer week.

The other spot which is 5 miles past Twin falls, just past the hairy hair pin bed where you honk your horn to let other cars know that you are coming, is the Bamboo forest. You will probably see a line of cars to the right. Park and look for the hole in the fence that leads you into the bamboo forest. An ergo (baby carrier) is advised for this one, if you have little ones under 3, as there is some steep terrain and stepping stones to cross, but this hike, the waterfalls and bamboo are beautiful.

The pools are fun to swim in… come on it’s cold at first but well worth it, and getting out into nature is great for everybody’s soul. It is amazing how well children sleep after a good hike and swim to a beautiful ionizing waterfall and how refreshed you will feel!

Image Credit: Eric Rolph Photography

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