Maui Small Business Highlight – Sew Surreal is So Worth it!

When I made an appointment with a fellow Haiku School mom alum and long time friend, Melissa Riggs, I was embarrassingly excited. 

I have admired this talented woman and her creations for years. Now it was my turn to have a real custom swimsuit fitting with Maui’s local bikini guru and Melissa did not disappoint. From the day of my initial inquiry to the last fitting I felt like a princess. 

When I arrived at the studio I was greeted by a smiling Melissa and plenty Aloha. We enjoyed catching up for a bit and then she began the detailed process of measurements and design options. A cozy and unintimidating fitting area was the setting for my now favorite buying experience. Melissa was extremely attentive to my unique concerns and encouraged any and all input when creating a custom look built just for me. The fitting process was much more modest than I had expected which was a nice surprise, she really has the process perfected.

I opted for a one-piece suit (something that is ordinarily impossible to find for my tall and curvy torso). We fell into a creative ebb and flow, bouncing ideas off of one another. It was honestly exhilarating. We spent around 45 minutes in the fitting and then said our Alohas.

To my utter amazement I received a message the next day. Melissa asked to come have me do a second fitting with my, we’ll call it, ‘first draft’. Thrilled, I agreed and a few hours later that same smiling face was at my door. A few minutes, and a couple tuck and measures later she was off. I was blown away by how beautifully my first draft already complimented my curves. I waited excitedly. Just under two weeks later I got the call. Total princess moment. 

I arrived for my final fitting entirely giddy. I’m sure I was blushing. As Melissa measured, cut, and hemmed every tiny detail until it was absolutely perfect, I was in awe of her artistry; her passion, and her humble nature that are impossible to ignore. One of my absolute favorite things in life is watching as someone lives and breathes and fulfills their unique purpose and passion. And boy did I witness that in Melissa as she breathed life into her art.

~ This forty year old princess’ review? 

Simply, Glowing… Five out of Five Stars. Pricing varies and is shockingly affordable. Must do on Maui!!!

You can follow Melissa @sewsurrealmaui where she showcases her exciting new swimwear developments. I have never felt so confident in a bathing suit!

Image Credit: Dayna Todd

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Dyan Todd grew up on the east-side of Maui before traveling across the mainland. She is a wife and the mother of three biological children and last year adopted a fourth. She works in the arts professionally and aspires to become an author. Formally educated at Georgia Highlands University American Intercontinental University, she brought her knowledge and life experiences back to Maui in 2012.


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