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“As a landlord myself I am appalled at the rent prices here now. I’ve been in the business (legally) for over 15 years and I must say the rent keeps getting higher and higher. Every time I post my rentals I check CL to see the comps. I am disgusted by what I see. $2000 for a 900 sq ft outdated ohana?!?!?! So you have a beautiful yard, cool. Your rental has a view? Well then I guess it’s totes acceptable to ask $2,500 for a 2 bedroom house (eye roll). Don’t even get me started on the people who discriminate against families with children. You are the lowest of the low and you know it’s illegal. Because of landlords like you, children will end up living on the beach. It breaks my heart.

Maui is beautiful, but I don’t consider paradise a place where only the rich can survive. Kama’aina and Malahini alike are working to the bone just to be able to put a roof over their heads. Many hard working, honest families are suffering due to the unending greed here. If you need to charge outrageous prices on your rental to pay your mortgage then you can’t afford to be a home owner.

There are very few of us left who ask REASONABLE rent for our homes and accept (I can’t believe I just had to use that word but it’s true) Children. SHAME ON THE REST OF YOU!!! AUWE” (A Haiku Maui mama)

• “I think part of the problem of the Maui rental crises is that a lot of people are placing their rentals on airbnb and thus decreasing the long term rental availability for the rest of us. That and folks charging crazy rents!! What happened?” (Maui Mama Magazine FB follower)

• “I am a single mother with a good paying job and it took me well over 6 months to find a place for me and my son. I had to give up my 11 year old lab that I have had since he was born and get a roommate in order to get approved for a place. I was born and raised on this island. It breaks my heart to see how hard it is to keep your head barely above water these days.” (A Maui mama)

• “We had a single dad and his 2 and 3 year old living with us because they couldn’t find a place. They just got a place for $1700 for a one bedroom. Disturbing!” (Maui Mama Magazine FB follower)

• “Makes me sick. I think it’s called affordable housing. Oh wait, not on Maui!” (Karen Hannie)

• “Oh… and check into the ‘student’ housing too. Even Harbor Lights is out of control!” (Maui Mama Magazine FB follower)

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