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Maui Mommies Main Group (closed group) Description: A free club for Maui parents & their keiki that promotes island-wide family-friendly networking, activities, field trips, gatherings & more! Grandparents, nannies, caretakers, residents, visitors… All are welcome at Maui Mommies! @6,800 members.

Maui Families Donation Page (closed group). Description: This is a page for Maui Mommies to donate gently used baby/kids items to other Maui mommies in need. This is NOT a sales page. All items posted here must be free. This is a closed group for mommies only, as to ensure that the items here aren’t taken and sold for profit. Acceptable posts include gently used or new baby/kids: clothing, bedding, toys, diapers, strollers, car seats, essentials, anything that a Maui mother in need could benefit from. @2,000 members.

Maui Mommies Community Resources (closed group). Description: A place for Maui Mommies to find local community resources relevant to them and their families. Resources include: community events, keiki activities & programs, parent resources, classifieds and much more. Please post questions and more in our discussion board. It’s our goal to create a special place for you to come and learn all the ins and outs of Maui and keep the Spirit of Aloha alive in our ohanas. @2,000 members.

Maui Toddler Moms (closed group). Description: A group for Maui moms of toddlers, preschoolers, and elementary- aged keiki to share, vent, ask, cry, laugh, and post the amazing and exhausting successes, trials, and tribulations of being a parent. It is a support group for moms! Feel free to invite any parent into the group. No bullying or bashing of others here. Please be respectful to one another. @825 members.

Maui Moms Donations & Exchange (closed group) Description: Donations only. – No selling of items on this page. Please state what part of the island you’re located on when posting. Please try to also give back and not only take. As soon as your item is picked up please DELETE the post instead of writing GONE or something along that line. @725 members.

Maui Maddahs (closed group). Description: Here we like public school, but if your kid goes to private school that’s wonderful, as long as you don’t come here bashing what is some parents only option. We don’t add tourists to this group because, hey we are Maui mom’s and frankly I don’t think tourist mommies need to know all our secrets. I’m not too sure about adding dad’s just yet ‘cause, hey I may have to say something about my areolas. So, whether you breastfeed or formula, cloth diaper or disposable, Focker or Ferber method, baby led weaning or jars of Gerber baby food all are welcome, as long as you are living on Maui… @700 members. 

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