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Imagine all of the clothes humans buy everyday. Think about how many clothes are thrown out everyday. Times that by how many years we have been disposing instead of repairing clothing and you have a lot of unwanted clothes. What if we could take those old, outdated pieces of clothing and make them into something new and sexy and feministically empowering? A Maui mama did just this and created R3byARI. 

R3byARI is a new kind of designer clothing: eco-friendly, sexy and one-of-a-kind. Each piece is uniquely original. Each piece is an upcycled, unwanted garment. Some with patchwork and some cut and tied to reveal it’s potential. Based here on Maui, Hawaii, R3 owner, Ariana Light strives to make fashion a light carbon footprint. Using various ways to alter clothing, she transforms fabric into something new and vibrant. Each piece has a statement and it is truly an art form of it’s own.

Ariana does everything by hand. No sewing machines and no silk screening. Just scissors, a rotary cutter, stencils, fabric paint and embroidery thread. Stains? No problem, paint over it! Holes? Just make more and tie them together! “My favorite part of doing what I do is watching the pieces find who they belong to,” says Light.

“So many clothes get thrown away and R3 would like to find a way to keep that from happening. So many things that are trashed could be transformed, if put into the right hands. Donations are always accepted at this business. Some of my favorite donations are the really well worn T-shirts that have some kick ass design on them and I think, “I know why he wore this one out.” We all have those clothes that we love but just don’t give us what we want. With the innovative idea of upcycling, it is easy to change a favorite old band T into the sexiest shirt you own. I can repair holes in clothes and make them better than they ever were before. I can take your grandma’s skirt and turn it into a risque night owl special. The possibilities are endless when you begin to observe the next level of designer work: upcycling.”

Times are changing and people are choosing green solutions over pollutions. The time is now to say that enough is enough with all the need for “new” things. R3byARI clients are not receiving something new, they are receiving something renewed and one-of-a-kind. Shopping and taking care of the planet we call home… two birds, one song.

This amazing and creative Maui mama and her R3byARI designs are being featured in this Summer’s Swimsuit Illustrated! You can find her in front of Whole Foods every Sunday from 10-2pm or call her at (808) 866-4631 if you would like a customized item or have clothes to donate.

Image Credit: Joseph Sherrock Photography

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