Keiki Cards Maui

Maui Made Hawaiian Flash Cards

Keiki Cards

These made on Maui Flash Cards introduce a fun and simple way to learn the basics of the Hawaiian Language through creatively designed cards. The Keiki Cards are decks of learning Flash Cards with vibrant illustrations painted by beloved local Maui artist Melissa Bruck. Each card depicts an Hawaiian word with the English translation and a hand painted image, helping your child learn through color, art and word association.

Wendy Walker is a traveling Maui mama who has volunteered and worked with families and children in over 50 countries across the globe and is the creator of the Keiki Cards. These flash cards are easy to use, with an information glossary and pronunciation card included, and fun for the whole family. They are awesome for any keiki growing up on Maui or a great way to share and teach ALOHA with family members on the mainland. “I plan to do many other language decks and work with local artists of each region to help promote their art as well. We can all help one another share language and culture and connect with one another through flash card fun. The hope is to bring everyone together through language and local art, while keeping local cultures alive.”

You can find your Keiki Cards at Mana Foods, Droplets., Kuau Mart, Ma’alea Harbor, The Maui Ocean Center, Nectar Paia, Zen Hale Makawao, the Swap Meat or purchase online at

Maui Made Children’s CD

Honu-Island melodies for kid

In a newly released album, Honu-Island melodies for kids, Maui music artist TRIA weaves together playful imagery around Maui; songs of humpback whales (Kohola), the sweet strums of the ukulele and beautiful sounds of the nose flute. Her songs inspire imagination, interaction, help strengthen connection with nature and encourage stewardship of the earth. Her album is also a great tool to have at nap time with soothing melodies that help lull your baby to sleep. These songs are signature songs for Mele do re mi music classes on Maui founded by TRIA herself and a close friend.

TRIA is a Maui mama and Maui kids music artist. Her songs inspire imagination, interaction and help strengthen connection.

Honu-Island melodies for kids

• Honu-Island melodies for kids is so REFRESHING and unique! Great music for the keiki and the whole ohana!  Uncle George Kahumoku jr, Grammy Winner

• “My children and I are in love with this CD! It is hands down the best kids album I have ever heard. Every keiki will love it and parents too. I listen even when my kids aren’t in the car! – Gretchen Losano, Lead singer of Kaliko’s Way & Mama of 5 – Honokohau Valley

You can check out Honu-Island melodies for kids at Droplets. in Makawao or stay informed on upcoming concerts with Tria and the Honu band at

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