Maui Goddess Project

The Maui Goddess Project was born simply to empower women, by showing them just how beautiful they truly are. As a mother of two young children I felt a sense of identity loss, leaving the life I was living and stepping into motherhood. As a stay-at-home mom there were countless days where my hair was never brushed and I was wearing spit up stained clothes all day. Feeling far from beautiful and empowered I was tired, worn out and sometimes depressed.

After my second child weaned I began to feel that I was getting my body and mind back to myself. My passion is fire dancing and I have been apart of Merkabah Fire Hawaii for over twelve years. When I get ready for my performances, I transform from an everyday mama into an empowered, beautiful performer. I have a ritual of adorning myself in layers with make-up, tribal jewelry, headpieces and handmade costumes. I take the time to look at myself, focusing on the details of my face, body and hair and feeling empowered in my body.

My other passion is photography. I have been involved in wedding photography on Maui and was ready to breathe new life into this talent of mine. It was the combination of these two passions and the ritual that I do before a performance that inspired Maui Goddess Project. I want to offer my community a gift that can be life changing for anyone who wants to get involved. I want to use my photography skills to tell a different story – one that can help women just like me.

My offering to any and all women is to come and play in my “Goddess Closet” and adorn yourself in clothing, handmade headpieces, tribal jewelry, bindhis, make-up or whatever else inspires you. Once you feel ready, we choose a location in nature that resonates with you, and I start photographing your experience.

I invite you to partake in this ritual. I encourage chanting, crystal clearing, or any other simple ceremony you may have inside yourself, while we begin the photo session. My goal is to capture the outer and inner beauty that begins to shine through, as well as the beauty that surrounds us during our journey together… one moment at a time. After our session, you now have a beautiful picture to hang on the wall or have along side you in the car that is a reminder of the power and beauty you behold. You can see photos from my Maui Goddess Project sessions at

Let’s find the Goddess in you together.

Image Credit: Maui Goddess Project

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