There are no truer words than it takes a village to raise a child. Community cooperation and support can make a world of difference. Children are in a constant state of change, outgrowing clothes, books and toys. Families expand, items break. The need for furniture, kitchen utensils, bedding supplies, food, diapers, etc… is a never ending list in every day family life. On your own, this can be overwhelming and expensive, but when a community comes together in support of each other it can be uplifting and a God send.

In May 2017 the The Maui Families Donations Page was created. With now over 3,000 members, it is a go to when looking for donated items to either receive or give and has reached and blessed so many families island-wide.

Maui Families donations Page was created by a Maui mama for Maui mommies, daddies and caregivers to donate and receive gently used items. The page has been so successful that it is now expanding to include teachers and therapists.

Acceptable posts for this page include gently used or new:
Clothing (kids or adults)
Car seats
Household items
Outdoor items
In fact, anything that a Maui family in need could benefit from.

There are simple rules, such as be kind and courteous, absolutely no resales or misuse of donations, limit in search of (ISO) posts to 2 per week, pay it forward – if you claim a donation, donate something back (no matter how small), and only claim a few items a week so everyone has a chance to claim as well.

If you want to sell items or promote a Go Fund Me, this page may not be for you. But, if you want to be apart of a community that is supporting each other, donating what they don’t need and giving to those who do, it is a perfect collaboration. With the holiday season upon us the Maui Families Donations Page exemplifies the season of giving all year round.

Click on Maui Families Donations Page and request to be a member.

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  1. Hello,
    I am wondering if my request has been accepted.
    In need of a blender or even used Vita Mix.
    Thankyou so much.


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