Maui Children's bookstore

As a Mother, some of my hardest days have been those that I have awoken to without a plan. My little one wakes and there I lay, unbathed, teeth unbrushed, kitchen a mess, and no plan for the 100 hours that lay ahead before bedtime. There is no underestimating the incredible power of an outing that excites and inspires both child and parent. It is my wish to provide an option for this type of experience to our community’s families, which led to my conception of Maui Children’s Bookstore + Cafe.

A gathering place, a dreaming place, a place where those aforementioned 100 hours melt away into a present, enjoyable experience with your child or children. A place where you can be surrounded by a hand-picked selection of beautiful new books for children aged 0-10. A reading area that is clean, cozy, plush and relaxed that will also serve as a space to host weekly free story times and much more. And then when you are ready to leave you can purchase your favorite book to take home for hours of enjoyment and bonding.

Knowing young children are attracted to books via their artwork, ART will be a large focus in our space. No endless walls of book spines here. Our books will be displayed like little pieces of art, front-facing to expose their cover art and ignite the spark of interest and curiosity. Complimenting our books will be clean white walls containing vibrant children’s artwork by local artists.

We will have an interactive ARTspace with both a chalkboard and magnetic wall for free expression. There will also be a selection of wooden developmental toys for building, playing and for purchase.

Since no outing is complete without a meal, we could not open a children’s bookstore without a wholesome kid’s cafe. Serving yummy, healthy food as local and organic as possible, our menu will be designed with little mouths and hands in mind, but sophisticated enough for grown-ups as well. Great thought is also being put in to a fine tea, organic juice and local coffee selection. Main menu items will be served in three different preparations: Adult: for big eaters, Keiki: for little ones, and Baby: for our guests still working on their pincer grasp.

Last but not least, we will host a dedicated area for a Mama Boutique, which will contain special treasures for you (perhaps a shelf or two for Papas as well). Incase it’s time to treat yourself to a new diaper bag, nursing bra, journal or piece of jewelry by a fellow Maui Mama, we plan to have your delights in mind as well.

As we prepare our space for opening, please know that our doors to communication are already wide open. If you have ideas, thoughts or desires that you wish to see reflected in our space, please let us know. I look forward to watching our children’s imaginative wheels spin together… Maybe over a cup of local lemongrass tea!

Image Credit: Maui Children's Bookstore

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