Curbside Composting Maui

We are lucky to live on the Island of Maui. A place full of natural beauty that is constantly giving and never asking for anything in return. The land cares for us like a mother would. No matter what we do to harm the planet, it continues to provide. It gives us a place to live and call home, a place to have families, friends and thriving communities. The Earth’s ability to give is based on the forces of nature being in balance. The way many of us are currently living is throwing our planet off balance, especially the balance of our soil.

As a father, I think of what the world will look like in the future for our keiki. One part of me sees a dire situation, but another part of me sees a bountiful planet that is full of love. If we want our keiki to grow up on an Earth that is teeming with life, we need to reimagine our way of living. One way we can begin to bring our ecosystem into balance is by sequestering carbon out of the atmosphere and bringing life back to our soils. This may sound complicated but every one of us can contribute towards helping this cause! We all eat and that means we all create food waste. Food scraps going into the landfill contribute to a large portion of greenhouse gasses going into our atmosphere. But the thing is food scraps are loaded with valuable nutrients that can be used to build fertility in our home gardens and for our local farms. We can improve Maui’s soil health by recycling our food waste to create compost. Adding compost to our local farms and gardens will increase the biodiversity of microbes in our soil. This will reduce our reliance on chemical inputs, improve our soil’s ability to hold water, nutrients and help our local farmers grow nutrient dense foods. Building resilient healthy soils is critical to food security on Maui!

I have created the company Mana Microbes out of my passion for regenerative farming. “Ke aloha o ka aina” for the love of the land. Our goal is to divert as much food waste as we can from going into the landfill and use it to heal the land from improper farming techniques that have been used over the past few decades. I see this dilemma as an opportunity to get our local community involved in the food loop other than just consuming food. We offer a curbside composting service where we will pick up your food waste every week for a small fee. In return for donating your food scraps, we bring you finished compost and worm castings to use in your home gardens. I hope that this encourages you to supplement a small portion of your diet with garden grown veggies. Home gardeners and small farms are going to play an important role in shifting Hawaii to becoming more self-sufficient and move us towards a regenerative society for our kids’ future! To learn more go to

Image Credit: Mana Microbes

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Michael “Mikey” Logatto grew up just outside New York City. After graduating college in 2015, with a bachelors in Environmental Horticulture, he moved to Hawaii to get hands-on experience farming. Now living on Maui with his beautiful family, he continues to follow his passion for regenerative farming with his new company Mana Microbes, focused on diverting food waste from the landfill and turning it into rich compost. Find out more at


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