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Mamas, I see you. I see how hard you work to prepare for your little one. I see you gathering clothes and blankets and streams of information. I see you creating space in your home while holding space in your body. I see you learning the ways of motherhood and forging your own path. In all the excitement, with all the concerns and sometimes feelings of overwhelm, I also see half filled cups. You’ve heard hundreds of times that you cannot pour from an empty vessel I’m sure, and if you haven’t yet… as a new mother you will. It is more important than ever in this time of pregnancy to make certain you rejuvenate, and for more reasons than you think. 

Self care can be tricky. You can feel like there isn’t time or money left for it or even question the importance and value of it. The truth is that self care is quite possibly the most important thing you can learn while you are pregnant, and it’s a great way to prepare for your baby as well. Self care while pregnant can start as simple as making sure to eat wholesome and nutrient rich foods when you are hungry, drink plenty water when thirsty and rest when you are tired. These are the exact same needs you will meet for your baby everyday once they arrive, so you may as well get used to it now. This is self care at its most basic and baby reaps all the benefits as well. So mamas, fill your cup!

More advanced self care can look like anything from decluttering a closet, having a walk with a loved one on the beach, taking a day to treat yourself to a spa or even turning down a social invite to just stay in. Carving out time in your busy schedule to do something just for yourself can sometimes be the most challenging of tasks, but will be the most rewarding. Finding something that will bring you joy and alleviate some stress can rejuvenate your entire being and have lasting effects. Honoring yourself in this way can help you to stay connected to your worth and will be reflected in how you are then able to care for others. Making a habit of participating in self care throughout your pregnancy will better prepare you to care for yourself in a loving and compassionate way during those sometimes rough postpartum days that can rattle you to your core. Your motherhood journey deserves to have self care as part of its foundation. So mamas, fill your cup!

Trying to maintain your sense of self while pouring from an empty vessel will leave you feeling depleted, stretched beyond your limits and under valued. When we, as mothers, are generous with ourselves in the art of self care not only do we model and normalize this beautiful behavior for our children, partners and loved ones, we will also be more apt to caring for them in a full and grounded way.  Taking intentional steps to ensure that self care is part of your prenatal routine will create an abundance within that you are so very worthy of. So mamas, fill your cup!

Ideas for Free Refills: Join Hoku Birth Services monthly Hapai Circle, listen to your favorite podcasts, keep a pregnancy journal, sleep in a little/go to bed early, walk the beach, hike the forest, stretch your body, meditate to relax the mind, accept help that may be offered, have a bath, play your favorite music and sing, put your feet up, hang out with friends, find other mamas and make nice, read a book, make art, make love, just be. However you do it, remember, fill your cup!

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