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Personal Trainer & Fitness Instructor Kelley McCarthy Cerny has put together your own workout! 

High Intensity Interval Training or HIIT workouts are popular for being time efficient and very effective. A tabata is a high intensity exercise for 20 seconds followed by a 10 second rest. This style of workout is great for moms on the go. Mix and match these sets, change up the order, or add on your own. Progressions (P) are given that can be used on different days or to keep your work out fresh. Repeat each exercise 4 x for a 16 minute workout. Be sure to include a warm up and stretch after! Even if all you have is 4 minutes. It’s better than 0! You can download music that is already set at the time intervals and even find apps to help you keep track of time and your progress. As always kids make great trainers! They love to count our reps or keep track of time.

Warm Up: 4 minute walk (pushing stroller). Circle and roll through major joints such as ankles, hips, shoulders, neck to prepare the body for movement.

First Exercise:

20 second Walking Lunges (pushing stroller)

P1: Add knee lift  P 2:  Add rotation P3:  Add back leg lift

10 second REST

20 second Jumping Jacks (in front of stroller)

P1: Hop out 2 x then in 2 x

P2:  Hop 3 x then tuck jump knees to chest

P3: Plié squat to jump       10 second REST

Second Exercise:

20 second Push Ups (in front of stroller)

P1: Tricep   P2: Walk hands down to forearm plank back to regular plank  P3:  Add side plank     10 second REST

20 second Run (pushing stroller)

P1: Run with Heel Kicks   P2: Run with High Knees  P3: Run uphill

10 second  REST

Third Exercise:

20 second Side Squat to Lateral Leg Raise (side of stroller) and

repeat on other side next round or do 10 seconds on each side

10 second REST

20 second Burpees (in front of stroller- little ones think these are hilarious!)

P1: Add push up  P2: Add Mountain Climbers

P3: Add tuck jump      10 second REST

Fourth Exercise:

20 second  Ab Crunches

P1: Lift feet off ground

P2: Oblique Bicycle

P3: Scissor Kick Legs       10 second REST

20 second  Shuffle side touch shoe laces like a sideways killer P1: Shuffle and shake your booty (little ones are sure to cheer you on)  P2: Run in circle around stroller peekaboo P3: Run in circle other direction       10 second REST

Stretch: Make sure to include all major muscle groups. Great job mama! High five!

Go to www. shakashakti.com for pics/video!

Image Credit: Kelley McCarthy Cerny

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