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Like most expecting parents, there were many questions and decisions to make before our baby was born – doctor or mid-wife; hospital or home birth; investing in the right stroller and car seat; bottle or breastfeed. But there was one very necessary decision that we could not avoid – diapering. 

As a person who is concerned about the future of our Earth’s environment, cloth diapers seemed the most environmentally responsible. But in a world of modern convenience and access to eco-friendly disposables, it seemed like disposable diapers could be an eco-responsible option. Besides, cloth diapering seemed bothersome and too laborious. After consulting with an expert (my mom), she convinced me that I should consider cloth diapering. So my research began – disposables vs. cloth diapers

What I learned is that disposable diapers are one of Papahānaumoku worst enemies.

The Hard Facts 

• Just for U.S. babies, 200,000 trees are lost each year to disposable diapers. 

• 3.5 billion gallons of fossil fuel oil each year to manufacture disposables breaks down to 1 cup of crude oil for every diaper.

• 20 billion disposables are dumped in landfills each year – that’s 3.5 million tons of waste.

• It takes 500 years for disposables to decompose, which poses a threat to our ground water.

The plastic in disposables are contributing to the Earth’s climate change. 

• Babies are exposed to the dyes and dioxin in disposables.

• Eco-friendly disposables contain sodium polyacrylate so are not fully biodegradable.

Here in Hawai`i, we live in a sensitive island ecosystem with limited spatial resources for waste disposal. We need to be concerned with the negative impact disposable diapers have on our island home and the ocean that sustains us. We at Kōkua Diapers are proud to offer our diaper service to the ‘ohana of Maui and believe that together we can do our part to reduce our single-use waste. 

We offer a weekly supply of organic cotton diapers delivered to your home. Our diapers are ethically sourced and designed to make diapering easy and convenient. Our diaper washing process has been tested and formulated to ensure fully cleaned and sanitized diapers. We use an EPA-certified plant-derived detergent that is gentle to the skin and eco-friendly to our island and the ocean, and our diapers are pH balanced to ensure that the only thing touching your keiki’s bottom is organic cotton. 

For more information about our services check us out at https://www.kokuadiaper.com   

Image Credit: kokua Diaper

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Melelani Jones is a Maui girl who has a deep sense of social responsibility to the care and future of Papahānaumoku. She is the founder and owner of Kōkua Diaper, an environmentally responsible cloth diaper service on the Island of Maui. Prior to moving back home after living in Brooklyn, New York, Melelani was fortunate to learn the cloth diaper business by the owners of “DiaperKind”, a successful woman-owned cloth diaper service, serving the families of the Boroughs of New York, City. Inspired by Diaper Kind’s business model and the positive impact cloth diapering can have in reducing single-use waste, Melelani is dedicated to ensure that Kōkua Diaper supports an ethical, environmental and community-centered business model. www.kokuadiaper.com


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