Makawao Forest reserve maui activity

In a land where half a gallon of milk is $5 (tip: organic milk 1% is sold at Costco for less than $4 a pop), it is great that there are so many free activities to do here on Maui. Now I don’t want this segment to be another Maui revealed- curse you Andrew Doughty- as some local spots are best found organically but if any one has some great free activities they want to share this is the space to do it in.

I have a fresh one. The Makawao forest reserve is a hidden gem known by many avid mountain bikers, dog walkers and participants of hide and seek. It is found up Piiholo Road, the road off Makawao Avenue just after St Josephs Church. After Piiholo Ranch zip line you take the next road on the left. This road turns right onto Kahakapao Road. My friends and I used to refer to this road as ‘kill hill’ as it is steep and long and great for the buns. To walk up and down it with a baby on your back is something to be proud of. However, I digress, if you keep driving up you will go through the gates of the Makawao Forest Reserve and 4 drainage dips later find a graveled parking lot to the right. We often bring a packed lunch for a picnic and follow the trails in from there. The forest is both coniferous and deciduous and was an experiment to figure out which trees would grow well for timber here. The smell of eucalyptus is yummy and although a lot of the trees were flown here to be grown here the native Ohia lehuas is still hanging on in there. The area is great for young kids as there are lots of fun places to explore. It is also great for us mamas as it gets your exercise on and is very relaxing, if the kids are having fun running around or sleeping on your back. It is a great place for young babies, as there is plenty of shade along the paths.

It is a bit of drive from Kihei, but come on mamas, if you have to leave that side this is a pretty cool place, in more ways than one, to spend the day.

* Since writing this article a new bike area has been created, which is a lot of fun for tikes on bikes!

Image Credit: mauimama

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