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I don’t know what the Maui County Water Supply are putting in our water (come on it’s fun to blame them), but the liberating juices have been flowing. In the last few months I can count on both hands the number of Maui mama friends who have split up with their significant others. Some say it is the acceleration of the universe gearing up for 2012. I say whatever. All I know is that a lot of families are now having to adjust and change. It is a big shift for them and their children, although for the most part it appears to be a positive one.

Thankfully, and it is that season, I am not learning any immediate life lessons from relationship breakups right now although I am learning a lot by watching my friends go through the process. If there are any mamas who would like to share any advice about what they have gone through to help these mamas please feel free. Any advice on co-parenting, parenting plans, being a single parent, transitioning through a break up and anything that helped the children would be gratefully received and published. One reason for The Mauimama is to create a support network, so unless you are a recluse in Kaupo, you probably know someone going through some changes here. Please give them a call to see if they need any help, especially if you can help and spend time with their children to help normalcy prevail through the transitions.

That said there really is a lot to be thankful for especially when you live on Maui. I truly believe we are some of the luckiest humans alive just being able to live in such a beautiful part of the planet. For me it puts everything into perspective everyday but I do originally come from the land of eternal grey skies. I am thankful for the little things too like not finding mold in my fridge even though I haven’t got around to cleaning it in 4 weeks. Being able to find my son’s matching pair of socks or slippers first time round, which some days seems impossible…why is that? I am very grateful that I can sleep through the night and wake up past 6.30am most mornings… it WILL happen one day, just hang on in there. I am grateful that everyone in my family is healthy, if the day is going bad all I have to do is think about this one and I know that everything really is O.K.

And finally I am grateful that mamas are picking up The Mauimama and enjoying the local information inside and that advertisers are calling so I can keep it going.

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