Lower Abdomen Pain during Pregnancy

Lower Abdomen Pain during PregnancyDear Aunty Tina, I’m having lower abdomen pain as my belly grows. What is this and how can I lessen the sensation?

Oh, this one’s a buggah! Lower Abdomen Pain during Pregnancy is the feeling of your Round Ligaments stretching. They wrap from the Sacroiliac to the Pubic Mons, and as the hormone Relaxin increases during pregnancy, it can cause over-stretching of the ligaments, hence the pain.

Calcium/Magnesium is great and helps with leg cramps too.

The Cat/Cow stretch is also very useful: On all fours, alternate arching your back, head down, with tilting your pelvis back while turning your head to the sky. Take deep breaths allowing your body to release the pressure on your ligament and lower back.

I hope this helps.

Lower Abdomen Pain during Pregnancy

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