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I have to admit that I put on 50 pounds with each pregnancy. The recommended weight gain is between 25 – 35 pounds but for some reason my body did not get the memo. I had always been small framed and had expected that I would be one of those women who are all belly – not the case. I think my midwife called it pleasantly plump. I did not mind, I was growing my child and roly-polied with it.

I dropped an instant 20 pounds after the second birth – all baby, placenta and water. Shedding the extra 30 was a lot more difficult. Asking a breastfeeding mama if she is hungry is like asking the Pope if he is Catholic. But this approach wasn’t helping me get back to a lean mean machine. After a year I was still 20 pounds heavier. I needed to find a way to lose the pounds that was free and fun – and something I could do without child-minders.

My solution was the garden trampoline we found on Craigslist and bought for our first son when he was 2. I started off with 10 minute bounce sessions. It took about a week to realize it would be more fun to music and plugged in the iPod. (I love to bounce with Steven Tyler, Bob and a little bit of Perry Farrell). For the first week I also cut out dairy and wheat – I dropped 4 pounds! By the second week I had built up my stamina to bounce 15 minutes, and then 20, and by the end of the third week I was up to 30 minutes sessions. I googled trampolining and found twisting while I jumped helped with the muffin top, hopping helped tone the butt and legs, and jumping jacks helped with that hard to reach area at the top inside of the pins. I split the session into 5-minute intervals.

  • Hopping for 1 minute on alternating legs (5 minutes)
  • Twisting (5 minutes)
  • High Jumping (5 minutes)
  • Jumping Jacks (5 minutes)
  • Flash dancing (5 minutes)
  • Jogging (5 minutes)

Bouncing also activates the lymphatic system, which was a great way to help my body detox naturally. I started to feel great! Now I do have to put in a disclaimer. Warning severe leakage may occur. I don’t know about you but I slacked on my kegels and would always have to cross my legs when I sneezed after giving birth. But, after a soggy beginning, bouncing strengthened this old bane up in no time (it took about two months). I could bounce with my first son or while I watched the boys play. In 11 weeks I had lost 15 pounds and have been bouncing my way back to fighting weight ever since.

Viva le bounce!

Image Credit: Benedicte Lechrist

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