Mauimama issue 56 editorial

Another year is ending with another year beginning, and the cycle of life keeps spinning. Looking back at 2018 it was a mixed bag of highs and lows. A great year for women in politics, we now have 6 out of 9 women on the County Council, a bad year if you were trying to find an affordable rental.

We look back so we can move forward, taking with us all the lessons we learned along the way. Just as we learn from the moral submitted by a Maui father and author on page 21, we need to release the old to make room for the new. This baggage may be from lifetimes (see page 8), created in the womb (see page 18) or just from how we see ourselves and the need we feel to change (see page 12).

Another theme in this issue is community. Although we live on an island we don’t have to live as islands. There are so many ways we can come together to collaborate and support each other. This can start simply in the family nuclei (see page 4) or extending our families and taking more children into the fold (see page 7).

It can involve organizations that are essential in times of need, for example the Women Helping Women Transition Program (see page 29). Or community coming together to support a single mama diagnosed with cancer (see page 30).

It can include virtual groups like the one we see on page 5, where parents and caregivers can donate and receive easily through a Facebook donations page or groups like Hukilike No Maui, a local coalition seeking to bring different communities that care about affordable housing, agriculture, and conservation together to create a brighter future for Maui (see page 24).

It can also extend passed our borders (see page 26) where a Maui mama and her daughter are helping children and women in a Village in Africa.

For a community to thrive it takes participation. With a lack in gender parity Maui women are encouraged to participate more on our County’s boards and commissions (see page 6). We can have a voice, which we can also use if we have concerns over new State policies (see page 14). I truly believe we are all better off when we come together as a family and as a community.

I hope you enjoy this 56th issue. I wish you a Merry Christmas and a wonderful start to 2019.

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