Aloha Boxed Hawaii

Our sister company, Maverick Events, is a premier Maui Event Design company. For over 14 years our work has connected us to visitors, locals and creative partners from all over the world. We have been fortunate to celebrate thousands of special occasions here in Hawai‘i and everyone we have had the pleasure to work with we consider ‘Ohana (family) to this very day. 

On March 25th we emptied our 15ft Floral chill, and donated thousands of dollars of flowers to hospice, hospitals, women’s shelters and more! We closed our doors for what we thought would only be for a few weeks. As weeks turned into months, and there was no opening of our state in sight we began to question what are we going to do? With high commercial rent and overhead still due each month, sitting around without a plan-B just wasn’t an option.

What we conceived, nurtured, and birthed these last 8 months is Aloha Boxed Hawaii, a gathering of like-minded creative ‘Ohana, working as a community to support one another and help share the Aloha. Our Aloha Boxes are a line of locally produced Made in Hawai‘i gifts and products. Every gift of Aloha we box has an impact. Not only are you supporting local artisans and small family businesses, but these artisans and businesses are supporting local farms, non-profits and environmentally sustainable products. 

Hawai‘i is home to some of the most talented and eclectic artists on the planet, but the stories and motivations behind their creations, the commitment to sustainability, and dedication to providing the highest possible quality is what truly inspires us. As we talked with these vendors, our new friends, there was just this tremendous appreciation and gratitude that we were moving forward, creating, and building something new in this time of uncertainty! Because of THEM, our community, our friends, our cohort of other small business owners we became deeply passionate in our intention and vision of not just thriving ourselves during COVID-19, but also helping our local economy, as well as, other small businesses we have partnered with. 

What we have created during these last few months has become more than we ever thought possible. The friends we have made during these uncertain times has reminded us that we are not alone, it takes a village!  It’s almost not even about the actual products for us anymore, but the artistry, love, intention and motivation behind each one.  We are so proud to offer a one-stop-online shop to help you get into the holiday spirit and find beautiful locally produced gifts for your loved ones.

Many know Malinda’s healing hands as a massage therapist at Haiku Massage. Her recent retirement and focus on Aloha Boxed Hawaii brings her back to her roots in sales and marketing.  Rachel – (Owner of Maverick Events) her driving force is creating beautiful designs. She has been a practitioner of the floral arts since the early 1990s. She has been on Maui for over 27 yrs. Rachel & Malinda’s combined passion for creating is contagious.

Image Credit: Aloha Boxed Hawaii

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