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Mitakuye oyasin. Aloha ke akua. To all my ancestors who lived, loved, forgot, fought, fell, tended, learned, forgave and gave their lives – you are how and why I am here. To you I offer gratitude. For the children of the world carrying the torch of loving remembrance and lighting the way, may we hear creation’s wisdom and the voice of the ’aina always speaking as clearly as it does through you.

When I turn my inner awareness to the children, it is abundantly clear that they are asking US to step back into right relationship to the sacredness of Life… with ourselves, with each other, with our earth. They show us exactly what is working, and what is drastically out of balance; I hear them calling, sometimes screaming, for help to recover what has been lost, their systems struggling to shake off the imprints of societal misrepresentations and toxic misguidance. They want clean water, nourishing food, fresh air to breathe. They need a sense of belonging and connectedness, kindness, freedom and compassionate guidance… to know that they have a voice that is heard, and a choice that is valued. The children are unmistakably our teachers in this. They teach us how to come home to ourselves with simplicity in a world that is not simple. They remind us to be in harmony with all our relations so that balance can be restored…so that there can be a healthy future for our children and future generations.

Living Compass Maui is calling forth this vision of sustainability as a village style model for educating our youth, and for growing together as formidable stewards of our tomorrow. Living Compass Maui offers comprehensive earth centered education to nourish innate connections with nature and foster interdependence with the natural world. We offer hands on project based learning, Hawaiian cultural studies, earth skills, and awareness practices within a model of cultural mentorship while prioritizing connection, strong character development, interdependence, healing, and preservation as basic strongholds of a thriving community. When we work with a child, we also work directly-indirectly with their entire family, and their entire lineage, their ancestry. It cannot be any other way if we are truly stewarding a child in wholeness. We look to our indigenous ancestors and elders for their wisdom and guidance along the way.

If we want to know what healthy, reciprocal relationship looks like, let’s look with native eyes toward the sophisticated majesty of our natural environment; it’s being modeled everywhere. We turn to Nature as our conduit because SHE is what sustains us, endlessly giving far more than is needed for contentment, health and well being, shedding what is non essential, and composting all else into vibrant renewal.  Aho Mitakuye oyasin.

Image Credit: Gaia Photography

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