Little Monk Seal Montessori

Exciting news for Maui! North Kihei has a brand new Preschool opening in April, 2016. Little Monk Seal Montessori will serve children ages 3-6 years old and offer high quality, authentic, Montessori education. This is great news for families who have been waitlisted for preschool due to the critical shortage island wide, but especially in Kihei. Little Monk Seal has highly qualified teachers, is service and stewardship oriented, and truly dedicated to educating and caring for our keiki.

Little Monk Seal Montessori is a creation Michelle Lazuka and Katie Farley just could not resist diving into. The two founders met each other, quite appropriately, in a Montessori classroom. Upon becoming friends, they discovered they had both moved to the beautiful island of Maui at the same time to chase down their ultimate calling. The partnership was perfect and they got right to work! After hearing testimony after testimony that Maui needed more quality preschools, Michelle and Katie decided they would take on the task. Little Monk Seal Montessori is a little different than other preschools, due to their focus to protect our state’s precious monk seals, influenced by Michelle’s experience as a first responder on the Monk Seal Response Team. It’s a wonderful pairing of education and stewardship. Satisfying a community need for schools, helping an endangered species, and teaching Montessori in paradise is the ultimate dream come true for Katie and Michelle. Maui No Ka Oi!

Connecting with the ‘āina through our State Mammal, The Hawaiian Monk Seal is critically endangered (only 1,100 remaining) and serve an important role in the marine ecosystem. They are one of the few mammals in this state that are found only here in Hawaii. Monk Seals are apex predators and serve to control levels of numerous prey populations to maintain a healthy, functioning ecosystem. They are one of the most primitive mammals in the sea.

Learning about the Monk Seals’ importance in the ecosystem of the Hawaiian Islands offers the opportunity to educate generations on issues such as sustainability, climate change, and the environment. By incorporating lessons about the Monk Seal in our curriculum, and better understanding these precious mammals, we are teaching the children the values of their home and place on this earth. We teach the children to respect the land, life and ocean that we are so fortunate to have.

Children have a natural passion to take care of things. By getting the children interested in the saving the Hawaiian Monk Seal (a mammal that only exists where they live) they believe they are a part of something important and that they are capable of making a positive impact on the earth! Little Monk Seal Montessori provides lessons that integrate science experiments, special naturalist visitors, and more “place based” activities to allow the children to truly connect with their home and environment.

Look us up at to get all the information you need to enroll your child. If you’d like to speak to someone directly, call 808-321-0028 or email your questions to We currently have space for all ages 3-6 years old.


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