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Dear Mauimama reader!

I am Grace Wylie. I was a student at Roots School in Haiku for 1st-8th Grade, and now I am a junior at King Kekaulike High School. Before Roots, I went to Haiku School for Kindergarten.

When I moved to Roots, I was extremely happy to be in an environment where the teachers could focus on each student and what we needed to learn. I loved it at Roots and when I had to leave for high school, I was sad to go.

We always had fun things to do in an environment that was good for learning. We went to the beach and Hosmer’s Grove to learn more about geology, and did academic exercises like observational poetry, drawing, and painting. We always played group games with hands-on activities being a big part of the Roots curriculum. The class sizes are small, so the teachers are able to adapt to every student’s way of learning, and therefore students in turn get the highest level of enrichment. The teaching at Roots isn’t regular, boring textbook learning. Everything is taught with enthusiasm to show how the subjects can apply to the real world.   

I think that if your child prefers to be less crowded at school, then Roots is perfect for them!

At Roots, no child is ignored. Teachers and staff make sure that if anyone is having a hard time academically, emotionally or socially, they will be there to support them and boost them up.

Art is involved within the curriculum, but it’s not about artistic talent, it’s about the effort that you put into it and what you learn from the applied lesson. This approach is applied to all teaching at Roots. If your child is in 3rd grade, but 4th grade level math, then they will be put into 4th grade math. If students are having difficulty with one subject, they will be encouraged and helped to reach their goals. The language arts and social studies teacher, that taught at Roots while I was there, always said, “I’ll push you to the edge, but never over it.” I really loved that, because I knew that I could reach my best with support.

I definitely recommend Roots for your family. With lots of involvement and adventures, outdoors and indoors, and a place where a student can succeed academically and socially, I encourage you to inquire about Roots school. I am very grateful for the experience and really enjoyed going. I sincerely believe your child will too!

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Grace Wylie is an 11th grade AP and honors student. She is currently studying two languages, is actively involved in her community through volunteering and she enjoys theater, dancing and singing. Because of her love for culture, she wants to be able to go to the college of her dreams and study abroad.


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