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1 There is Power in Numbers – Have a cause and want people to recognize? Own a business that needs customers? Well Maui mama, you need to start marketing. And I don’t mean in one way. I mean in many ways. Figure out specifically who it is you serve (create a customer avatar, if that helps), then be everywhere they are. I don’t mean be everywhere everyone is. You can’t afford that. Just be everywhere YOUR people are.

2. Stay Grounded – How solid is your business foundation? Are you belted in or teetering on the brink? Specifically, take a look at your business entity. Have you kept it up-to-date, or are you at risk for a litigant claiming it is not a real business because you have not kept up your corporate entity (your LLC or S-Corporation)?

If you do not have a business entity, do you need one? There can be both tax and asset protection advantages to having a business entity – check with your CPA or attorney about what makes sense for your business. Sometimes, there is even emotional value in making a business entity – it feels more real and committed.

3. Don’t Overdo It – On the party bus as in life, moderation is always a good idea. If you are an entrepreneur and a risk-taker by nature, check in with your insurance agent to make sure you have the right amount of coverage for your enterprise. Ask your CPA if you are taking advantage of every tax benefit available for business owners. Check with your attorney about protecting your assets. (That’s ASSets, ladies – I can only do so much here).

4. Leave No Mama Behind! – This includes YOU and the much-touted but difficult-to-accomplish ‘Taking Time for Yourself’. Gotten your hair cut lately? Taken a shower?

What about the other nagging things you know you need to do but have not yet made time for? This year I took some of my own advice, accepted the fact that (although my intentions are good) I never EVER monitor my own investments, and I got myself a real-deal financial planner whose actual job it is to do just that. What a huge relief!

So go sign up for that exercise class, go to the dentist, nominate guardians for your kids, put your house into trust—whatever it is that you have been meaning to do, take care of it. Don’t leave yourself behind. We’re here if you need help (on the legal stuff).

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Meg Obenauf is an attorney and the founder of Obenauf Law Group. She strives to help families pass on their wealth simply, without conflict, drama, or taxes and works with families to protect their money and property from the ravages of nursing home and long-term care expenses. Meg helps parents of minor children create plans so that your keiki are never out of the hands of your loved ones, even for a moment, if the unthinkable should occur. She works with clients to create customized plans designed to ensure that your wishes are recognized and followed. Meg is a graduate of Harvard Law School. She resides in upcountry Maui with her husband, Mark, and her two young children. You can contact her at 244-3905 or go to www.obenauflawgroup.com for more information.