La Leche League International - Maui Chapter

La Leche League International (LLLI) was first established 58 years ago by seven new mothers who wanted to promote, encourage and support one another’s choice to feed their ‘human offspring’ with ‘human mothers’ milk! Back in 1956 it was reported that 80% of American mothers were using infant formula, as breastfeeding was considered socially negative. The group caught on and soon hundreds of La Leche Leagues sprung up across America, Canada and nearly 70 countries worldwide.

La Leche League International – Maui Chapter has been holding meetings every Fourth Thursday of each month except November and December since 2005. Mary Jane (MJ) Bennett has been the accredited LLLI Leader on Maui for these 10 years. She openly invites expectant mothers and any mother who has ever breastfed for any length of time to come to the meetings to share their wisdom with one another and ask questions to gain researched evidence based information from Mary Jane.

It is not a class, but rather a meeting for support and encouragement. Even more so, La Leche League International – Maui meetings are a place for women to come and gain reassurance and validation and find non-judgemental understanding and guidance. The meetings are kept low key and informal in hopes of providing a soft landing and a kind re-assuring atmosphere. LLLI Maui also facilitates a small event for World Breastfeeding Week held annually August 1st to August 7th. This year’s theme is: “Breastfeeding and Work- Let’s Make it Work”.

The plan for LLLI Maui Chapter this year is to showcase working mothers who have their own home business or work outside the home and choose to continue providing their breast milk to their baby. Not easy, but surprisingly, it can be done, and will be continued to be done by thousands of Maui mamas.

If you would like more information about La Leche league International meetings on Maui, especially time and location don’t hesitate to call Mary Jane Bennett at (808) 283-7139 or email or visit Mahalo, for supporting Mary Jane and her passion to support women in there childbearing years, and for taking the time to find support and reassurance for yourself.

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  1. Aloha! I’m a birth doula in North Carolina and I have one of my clients coming to Maui next month to visit! Her baby boy will be 3 months old and he is supplemented with donor breast milk due to Mom having lower supply as a result from her breast reduction. I am trying to pull some resources for her in finding a short-term (2 week) donor while she’s on the island. Do you have any clients who would be open to donating?

    Thank you for your time!
    Kristen Faulkner


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