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We the people of Maui County need and deserve a new, progressive political movement. It’s time to move beyond back-room deals, revolving doors and business-as-usual and start to preserve and honor this island we call home. We have a great opportunity to change the tide for Maui with fresh candidates that have truly local perspectives.

Twenty-six Maui candidates are running for nine county seats in the primary set for August 13th. We can vote for a candidate for each of the nine county districts, not just the one that we live in. This primary is important because only the top two candidates from each district will go on to the General Election on November 8th. To have a voice and a say on who will be making critical planning and land-use decisions for the next two years on Maui you need to register by July 13th.

We have a rare opportunity to take control back, from what I see as exploitative interests, and ensure that our local government does what’s best for its residents and our precious environment. If things keep going the way we are, Maui will not be preserved or recognizable in the decades to come. With 36,000 acres changing land use, now is the time to wake up and pay attention to what is happening and vote for leaders who want to preserve this land.

I believe that there is a group of candidates running for county council who will work together to uphold a Kuleana Unified Agenda:

• To stand up to external economic and political forces interested only in profit

• To restore our food security with a transition back to local, affordable and sustainable food production.

• To support real, affordable, lifetime housing, and to close developer loopholes

• To effect proper waste management protecting the land, air, and water and to maintain and expand recycling efforts

• To invest in 100% renewable energy and restore water rights back to nature and the people who live off the land.

• To support Hawaiian culture and the values that inspired the Public Trust Doctrine

It is time to bring responsible development and administration to the county. It is time to outgrow political and economic corruption. It is time to empower our communities with education about the political process, voting rights, and other issues important to us, rather than turning a blind eye. If we are informed we can make choices that protect the balance, beauty, and bounty of Maui for generations to come. I invite you to be apart of the people’s voice in Maui County and participate in this new, positive revolution. The tipping point is now.

Edmond Bartlett is the chairman of the Kuleana Coalition for Change and is a resident of Kihei. Kuleana Coalition for Change is a new independent grassroots political organization working to educate the public and support local Maui County candidates for political office. Visit the website at www.KuleanaCoalition.org to see how you can be a contributor to this positive process.

Image Credit: Kuleana Coalition for change

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