choosing child care

Being busy, concerned parents we want to insure that those who care for our children provide a safe, nurturing environment where our child has a fun, learning experience.

Our options include family childcare (FCC), center base care (infant toddler and pre-school settings), nanny services, care with kin, and drop-off centers. FCC and center based care are licensed by the state of Hawaii. Background checks and CPR-First Aid, as well as other licensing requirements for the caregiver and site are required before the facility can obtain the license. Licensed Exempt providers do not need a license and can only legally have 2 children at one time. FCC can have up to 6 children. 

The Keys for choosing your best provider are based on the needs of your child, your family values and availability.

LOOK at the environment which should be safe, clean and attractive with a caregiver who is providing learning activities, and who is enjoying being with the children. 

COUNT the number of children. Ask the provider when you interview them the number of children in care.

LISTEN. Do the children sound happy and involved?

ASK about the background, training and experience of the caregiver. Generate a list of questions before you check out the site, e.g. How do you handle discipline, nutrition and safety? Do you have to pay during breaks?

COMMUNICATE. You and the caregiver are partners so keeping each other informed about your child’s needs, interests, and your parental preferences is vital for a healthy working relationship. Parents can call PATCH for the list of FCC and Center based licensed providers. We recommend to call as many on the list as you can. Visit the sites. It is all about the match.

There is a shortage of child care availability on Maui. If you cannot find a provider from the licensed list and have to use another childcare resource, be very discerning. As a parent purchasing a service you can personally ask them for a back ground check and proof of CPR before you obtain their services. There is a need for more childcare facilities. PATCH can support you or someone that you know who wants to become licensed. You can make a very good living having your own business at home, providing enriched care for children and PATCH can assist you every step of the way. Call 242-9232.

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  1. You make a good point that you and the caregiver are partners working together to take care of your child. It’s important that you feel comfortable talking with the caregivers available so that you can express any concerns openly with them. That way, they will know better how to take care of your child and you will feel more comfortable leaving your child in their care.


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