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Keiki Soccer Pros is a fun energetic and exciting soccer program for kids ages 2 to 6 years old. We share our passion and excitement for the world’s most popular sport with everyone in our program. We create a supportive and positive environment in which your child is challenged through a variety of ways. Our drills are tailored to suit your child, whether this is the first time he or she has touched a soccer ball, or the thousandth. We strive for consistency (day/time/coach) and diversity (drills and games) in each class experience.

For the younger kids, we offer creative games that not only teach basic soccer skills, but also letters, numbers, colors, listening skills and foot/eye coordination. We tap into a child’s imagination by referencing popular kids characters or songs to help explain some of the drills. We emphasize teamwork, treating each other with kindness, and celebrate each new task a child learns in our program with encouragement. Class sizes are kept low between 6-12 kids for the toddlers and with 2-3 coaches so that each child gets plenty of attention and is able to enjoy the class in his or her own way.

For the older kids 4 and up we work on more ball work dribbling, directional work with the ball and basic shooting techniques. We also work hard on teamwork and fair play.

We have classes in Kihei, Kahului and Kula and also offer after-school programs and soccer birthday parties. For more information and to sign your little one up go to, or or call (808) 633-4070.

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Coach Tom Creagh is the owner of Keiki Soccer and has a lifetime of experience playing, and nearly 20 years coaching soccer all over the world including Ireland, England, Australia, and the US. He is licensed under FIFA, United States Soccer Federation (USSF) and the National Soccer Caoches Association of America (NSCAA) and uses coaching techniques shared by powerhouses Brazil, Holland and England - taking the best from each one. You can go to or call (808) 633-4070 for more information.