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How often do we stop to enjoy play time? Sure, we make certain our kids get it… but I know I am guilty of taking their play time as Mom’s shut off time. What I love about taking my three little ones to The Keiki Playhouse is I can have a little of both.

I start with my one-year old son in the soft play zone. After I move onto the playhouse where my two-year old daughter serves tea or breakfast or cookies. My four-year old son is hard to contain, swinging from the monkey bars on the pirate ship or racing other kids on the vehicles. When everyone tires of mom’s attention I find a spot to relax, do a bit of work, or read.

Maui has been waiting for a cool kid spot like this forever. Now after two years of operation The Keiki Playhouse, which is locally family owned, is moving from around the corner from the old Lowes to the Queen Ka’ahumanu Center! Now drop offs for errands and finding a fun, safe, indoor place all the kids enjoy is even more centralized and convenient.

Keeping some favorites like the pirate ship, play grocery store and veterinarians, as well as adding new and improved areas The Keiki Playhouse will be moving January 2018. They will be located on the second floor next to the Fun Factory.

You can still reserve parties in the new location and purchase all the cute keiki costumes and gifts that were there before. And rest assured that ownership remains the same, maintaining the standard we appreciate when entrusting our children’s well-being.

So, if playing more with your keiki and taking them to cool, fun places that everyone will enjoy, is your new years resolution then The Keiki Playhouse will be your saviour. It is delightful how much creativity and joy can be!

The Keiki Playhouse will be closed the month of January as they move location, set up and construct new areas and will reopen in February 2018. They are very excited to introduce their play structures (old and new) and a new and improved layout, as well as better price options.

Follow The Keiki Playhouse on Facebook to be notified when the Grand Opening will be celebrated and in the mean time visit The Keiki Playhouse’s website or Facebook for updates and sneak peeks.

Image Credit: The Keiki Playhouse FB page

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