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Education is the great engine to personal development. It is through education that the daughter of a peasant can become a doctor, that a son of a mine worker can become the head of the mine, and that a child of a farm worker can become the president of a great nation. – Nelson Mandela

Research demonstrates that a baby’s ability to learn begins on day one. Infants are taking in everything in their vast new world. They will learn in their own unique way from everything the parents introduce to them. Keiki O Ka ‘Aina implements programs that assist parents in their important work of helping to educate their young children from as early as prenatal and birth to age five.

With the excitement of joy that comes with a new baby, we as parents can sometimes feel isolated and frustrated about our abilities or just want to share the excitement of the daily changes in our lives with others who understand. After all, parenting isn’t often a skill that just comes naturally. It is a process of learning, changing, adapting, and growing just like your newborn! That’s why Keiki O Ka ‘Aina offers Parents as Teachers, a nationally acclaimed parenting program for families of infants and toddlers. The PAT program is a home-based program for families that begins before the child is born the onset of learning and extends to age three.

Once your child has aged out of the PAT program they may qualify to begin the HIPPY program that offers a curriculum for ages 3-5 years old.

The HIPPY program offers home based education for three, four and five year old children working with parent(s) as their first teacher. The parent is provided with a set of carefully developed materials, curriculum and books designed to strengthen their child’s cognitive skills, early literacy skills, social/emotional and physical development. The curriculum is developmentally appropriate and builds on the children’s interest and maturing skills. HIPPY is primarily cognitive based focusing on language development, problem solving, logical thinking and perceptual skills. It will foster social-emotional and physical development in children and covers all the skills necessary to acquire reading and other literacy including phonemic awareness (phonics).

Both programs are FREE and will have lively monthly group meetings to make the experience a real pleasure for parents. Please call Keiki O Ka ‘Aina office if you have any questions that they can assist you with @ 868-4143 or check out their website. Don’t miss out on the chance of receiving these services for FREE.

Ka hana a nā mākua, o ka hana no ia a nā keiki. (What parents do children will do).

Image Credit: Keiki O Ka Aina

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