Maui pregnant prenatal yoga

It is amazing how little I knew about the intricacies of giving birth, until I got pregnant. In the movies the woman are either cursing their partners in between Lamaze breathing techniques or it’s a rush for hot water, blankets, pacing and then wahhh!

I had never attended a birth or thought too much about it, except that I wanted to be at home and not in a hospital. I didn’t want drugs or bright lights or strangers coming and going, but I had not thought logistics.

I started going to prenatal yoga about the same time I stopped surfing, at around 4 months. Kadi Mourningstar had just taken over the prenatal program at the The Studio Maui in Haiku. It was hands down the best pre natal thing I did. Kadi Mourningstar is one of the great birthing resources we have here on Maui and her classes were invaluable. The stories and advice she would impart in between down ward dogs were priceless and hilarious. For example, who knew that relaxing your mouth and opening it up wide helped you open up the baby door (cervix). Or obvious things like giving birth standing, kneeling or squatting takes advantage of gravity and actually helps the pelvis open up better than lying spread-eagled. And believe me you want that pelvis to open up as wide as it can! She has a wealth of knowledge, which is as open as her heart. You also learn great stretches that help your changing body immensely and start bonding with other expecting mamas.

You learn a lot about the birthing process by hearing other mama’s experiences, whether they are at home, at the hospital or in a plane! Kadi would ask us to come back in and retell our birth experience to the class. So please any mamas who want to share their stories to help first timers, I think it would be a great service and want to give the birth page as a platform.

If you want to catch Kadi’s prenatal/ birthing classes (info updated April 2015) they are on Sunday morning 8:30am-10am at Studio Chiropractic in Haiku behind Coleen’s. For more information and times call (808) 281-9123.

Here are what other Maui mamas share about Kadi’s class:

“Prenatal yoga with Kadi was the best thing I did before the birth of my first child. I took every childbirth class available, but it was Kadi’s voice in my head all through labor. The stretching and exercises helped prepare my body and Kadi’s vast knowledge, that she freely shares, really helped prepare me mentally. Even three years later during the birth of my second boy, it was her voice coaching me – her tips helping me, and being at the hospital without a doula, that made a huge difference!” Aloha Kathleen Aguas

“I only took 3 classes with Kadi, but the knowledge and experience she shares with you is invaluable… I totally used her tips in breathing and focusing my energy in my labor and had such an easy birth…highly suggest her, hands down!” Autumn Dawn

“I was a little intimidated by Kadi’s awesome energy at first, but she REALLY helped me. Her tips were what helped me get Lucy out! She was very encouraging. I had a super easy delivery…made me think I should do it all over again…” Joanne Green

“I took the prenatal yoga classes with Kadi in 2006. That really helped with my pregnancy, but more importantly, she was my hospital doula when I was in labor and on pitocin with no pain meds. She stayed with Kevin and me all day long while we labored to bring Logan into the world. Kadi had a sense of knowing exactly what to do every time I needed her. She massaged exactly where I needed the touch, she put me in positions that would work, and she coached Kevin on what to do. I swear, she could see somehow where I needed her most. That day would have been a day of fear and worry if Kadi hadn’t been there, because we really were left all alone for most of the labor. I can never thank Kadi enough and I would recommend her to any expectant mother.” Theresa Haberstroh

Image Credit: Emma Whitney Photography

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