Joyous Labour with hypnotherapy

News I wish I knew back when: When I gave birth to my son, I chose “natural childbirth.” No drugs, because I heard that the pharmacology involved can have an impact on how the baby feeds and bonds immediately upon birth.  I have since found that any way a baby is born is a good way as long as it is a healthy birth, including Caesarian if necessary, But I sure wish I knew about using hypnosis through my own birthing adventure!

Now more than ever, joyous labor and childbirth with hypnotherapy is more in demand. Hypnosis techniques for more comfortable labor and birth has been used in Russia, Germany, France, and England, especially after WWI.  During this time, hypnotic suggestions before the onset of labor and posthypnotic suggestions were combined with pharmacological methods of anesthesia and epidurals. This combination is still being used today. In fact, a study by the British Journal of Anesthesia 2007, concluded that using hypnosis during childbirth reduces the amount of analgesia required during labor.

The study found that teaching self hypnosis helps the mother feel calmer, more in control, and more relaxed, which results in less apprehension. This state if ease reduces the amount of analgesic requirements. Fewer analgesic can minimize the incidence of uterine hyper-stimulation and the need for an epidural.

Hypnosis is valuable for any kind of birth, whether the birth will include medication or not, or even if it is caesarian. Sometimes we plan for one type of birth, but things turn out differently, for various reasons.  Hypnosis practiced beforehand can aid in any situation that may come up.

In conclusion, the benefits of hypnosis for labor and birth offer mother and baby less medication and apprehension, more relaxation, comfort, confidence, ease, sense of control, and joy!  Now you can share the good news to others too.

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