sacred motherhood blueprint

Join the Sacred Motherhood Blueprint’s first Maui event: Ceremonial Immersion: A Collective Prayer for Conscious Conception on October 2-3rd, 2015.

The Sacred Motherhood Blueprint was created to gather feminine fellowship, share ancient traditions and plant potent seeds for birthing new life. The ceremonial immersion is for women who want to conceive a child or women who have/ are manifesting new projects, businesses, relationships etc… as well as women who support conscious conception as a way towards achieving greater planetary heath and healing.

The first evening is free to meet the event ceremonialists Jai Stringer, Aubrey Bamdad and Sunshine Tresidder and participate in an evening ritual at baby beach.

The 2nd day is from 10am to 6pm in a beautiful location in Heulo and will include:
•Body temple protocols for clearing the subtle channels
•Women’s sweat lodge prayer ceremony
•Amazonian flower baths to cleanse and magnetize the auric field
•Andean despacho ceremony to give thanks for all our blessings
•Raw food feast
•Receive a free flower essence gift

The cost is $133-$150, registration after 9/21.

For more details and to reserve your spot email us at

The Sacred Motherhood Blueprint is an initiative journey into wise and conscious mothering.


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