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While we take measures to protect ourselves and our families from this virus, we are also acutely aware of how precarious our food supply is in every way – farms on the mainland are flailing, global supply chains are fragile and already breaking down, food shortages are nigh, we do not have enough local farms or skilled farmers to feed our citizens, and the climate crisis looms large.  

Before you buy into fear, let’s take a step back and recognize just how unique Maui County is regarding long-term food security if we take the right actions to build capacity, skills, resilience, and share our abundance! In Hawaii we can grow food year round in our wildly different microclimates that can foster all kinds of fruits, nuts, and vegetables. We also have Hawaiian indigenous agriculture and talented people from many different cultures who can teach us how to grow food right in our backyards. 

We are all in different worlds regarding our physical, mental and financial health, but what we all have in common is the need to provide food for our families. So, now is the perfect time to dig up your backyard, side yard or front lawn and plant food, and `Ohana Gardens is here to help.  

Hawaii Food Security (501c3) `Ohana Gardens aspire to help create 1,000 new food gardens (even containers on your lanai), 10,000 food-bearing trees in the ground, and once we can congregate, 100 new community gardens, all in one year. We will provide “how-to” content, tools, raised beds, soil, pest management and composting tips, and general expertise to help you have success at your home, even if you are a renter. 

Feeding your family from your own garden is gratifying and a direct expression of love, hard work, caring for the land, and sharing with your neighbors. After some initial costs to get started, the benefits keep growing. `Ohana Gardens is currently raising funds for tools, materials and programs. We want to create new jobs in backyard garden education, manage volunteers and community gardens, and to launch our seedlings and food-bearing tree subscription service taking the guess work out of starting from scratch. Currently we are offering a variety of monthly trays of 24 seedlings, specifically for your growing area, on a sliding scale of $25 – $50 per tray. There will be choices available in your order, as we all know one family’s salad may not work for another.

To learn more about `Ohana Gardens visit our website: or sign up for our newsletter “What’s Growing On” at You can also donate online, email us at or stay tuned for our upcoming Grow Fund Me campaign! 

Now is the time to come together and grow! 

Food Security Hawaii is a Maui non-profit dedicated to regenerative agriculture and local food solutions. To learn more go to

Image Credit: Food Security Hawaii

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