Mauimama front cover issue 4

I love Christmas! It is the season to be cheesy! I love the kids getting excited. It brings on a whole new dimension to the meaning. I love having a tree in my house that we can decorate – not sure why I only reserve this treat for Christmas. I love the good will to all men sentiments even the shallow cry from the retail stores wanting my mo-nay! Doesn’t bother me. I love how it gets cold enough in Haiku to wear hoodies, boots and leggings in the mornings and night. I love the excuse to drink hot chocolate – again not sure why I only reserve this treat for Christmas – and I love the parties…yes, any good ol’ excuse to get family and friends together is alright by me.

I pretty much love everything except being broke around the holidays but it is sometimes part and parcel of living on Maui. Having been here over 15 years I have learnt some good tricks to get around this old chestnut. Children and good friends do not care if the present comes in a big shiny new box. The thrift stores especially those located on or near to Catholic private schools often have great toys and other items. If you think about it if these folks can afford these schools they can often afford very nice items which they pass down to the affiliated thrift store after Jimmy has grown out of it. For books Maui Friends of The Library is awesome, some look brand new, for only 10 cense each! Secret Santa is also a great way to spread holiday cheer, but not get in debt in the process, which can be person specific or number drawn to decide who gets what gift. This can be a very fun game. Christmas to me is about getting loved ones together.

It’s the thought that counts and making gifts is great too but if you are not artistically inclined this option may be good for the grandparents but not really for anyone else. Although a good one for the parents or grandparents is framing a Picasso like piece of art that your little one has done. It is amazing how cool it looks once behind glass and framed – Ross has affordable frames. Speaking of which Ross is also a great place to buy affordable wooden toys and good affordable hot chocolate! Finding coral shaped letters that can spell out names and sayings presented in a little bag or box, also makes for a nice gift from Maui and is fun and educational to hunt for with the little ones. The top end of Baby Beach and Travares Bay is a good place for this.

Finally food is expensive, even more so nowadays, so potluck dinners can help significantly reduce the financial blow of Christmas. Making one dish and sharing is a great concept of giving and it is fun to get everyone together! Any one for charades? I truly wish you all have a great holiday no matter what you do and here’s hoping next year is better for everyone!

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